Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Know: Irregular Choice Shoes

Looking for something fresh and non-conforming to this conforming world? Irregular Choice is a fresh of breath air.

Dan Sullivan launched his Irregular Choice line of shoes back in 1999 in a little town called Brighton, England.  He set fourth his voyage to change the ways people look at shoes with his "Irregular 'stomp' on the footwear world."

Check out his website for more shoes, clothes, and lifestyle gears.

Here are some great samples of his shoes.  Some are Geisha inspired shoes, from the woodwork to the colors and patterns of the fabrics.  Love these!

The great part? Free shipping in the USA.

This rabbit ring is so cute! Going to add this to my collection.

PEOPLE! at Zara, May Week #4

There are some great looks this week so lets get inspired!

These ladies have some great style and artistry put into their outfits today.  May's Week #4 has got to be one of the best so far.  

Love the utility shirt above and color is gorgeous.  These kind of shirts are great because she can use it for work or for play.  Having this one piece helps expand your closet by like three outfits!

Great play on the safari shirt.

Great casual chic look.  Love the shoes, I bet you anything that it is a Jeffrey Campbell.  Haven't really checked out his shoes? Well, you should.  They are quite stylish and timeless.  Some can be a bit out there but that's OK... have some fun with your clothes!

Love how she pulled this casual look together.  Again, those pants can be worn just wondering the streets on a Saturday afternoon with your friends or to the office when paired with a great blouse and blazer.  Love when you can multi-task your wardrobe.

The Icon: Olivia Palermo

New York City's socialite, Olivia Palermo, looks great in this simple yet striking get up.  

Maxi skirt are great when worn right!  Paired with her flowing skirt is this polyester shirt from MANGO.  Everything is clean and simple, an outfit great for a day out doing errands around town.  To tie it all together? Why not add a pop to your outfit with a great bag.  The weaved basket bag is perfect!

The Know: Leica D-LUX 5, Colloboration with uniform experiment

WanNa feEL liKe A toURisT?

Today, Leica released the D-LUX 5, a collaboration with uniform experiment.  This luxury camera is equipped the brand's traditional feature: A 10 megapixel sensor, 24-90 mm zoom lens and the ability to record 720 AVCHD videos.  This limited edition lends (200 to be exact) is available today at select retailers including SOPH.

Feel like filming your new uniform experiment SS/2011 gear in HD? This simple yet sleek design Leica camera can do it.  You would never guess something so "plain" as this compact camera can have a large f2,0 aperture lens.  And the best part of this camera? The classic, leather case that you can dangle around your neck during your "tourist" moment.

And just for fun, here's a look at Henri Cartier-Besson's (a noted street photographer of the 20th century) Leica.  Doesn't look just like the D-LUX 5?

Source: wikipedia
Source: Freshnessmag

The Food: Sushi and then Palets des Fleurs

Portland has some of the best restaurants in the country.  The culinary skills this little city offers has no bounds and will sure make your taste buds spark!  For a city our size, you can find delectable tastes from almost every part of the globe.  Lately... the buzz has been over our selection of tasty Southern comfort foods as well as unique Thai palates.  

Today, we decided Japanese was our calling.  Stopped in at masu and ordered our favorites 
from any Japanese sushi shop:

Salmon nigiri
Spider roll

Opted to try masu's specialty:
japanista (spicy crab, spicy tuna, and kawaire seared with seared hamachi, cilantro and red jalapenos.  
D E L I C I O U S.

And for desert? Stopped in at Cacao Drink Chocolate for some boutique chocolates.  This Palets des Fleurs is amazing.  Candied ginger, lavender and dried cranberries topped off the dark slightly bitter chocolate, a perfect balance.

The Film: Chanel's - The Tale of a Fairy

By: Karl Lagerfeld 

“It is a movie about an ill-advised use of money which begins with violence 
and ends with feeling” Karl Lagerfeld, May 2011

This short film was conceived, written and directed by Karl Lagerfeld himself.  It was screened at Chanel's 2011-2012 Ready to Wear collection that debuted on March 9th, 2011 at Hôtel du Cap Eden Roc au Cap d'Antibes.

It is interesting... very Lagerfeld.  
I don't quite understand how the film is, if at all, related to their ready to wear collection.  Probably not.  The best part was seeing the classic styles of Chanel's clothing and accessories worn throughout the film.  

The Swim Trend: Zimmermann Swim

Laughing Gull One-piece
source: Anthropologie
The down under designer has hit the States, opening her very first boutique in LA.  Oh man, I wish I live there.

The new US store house her signatures swimwear along with ready to wear items and resort styles too.  Her focus is on corseted one-piece swimwear with a modern fashion focus.  Look at these hot looking swimsuits!! Who said two piece are the only sexy things out there, these are HOT HOT HOT!!  I got my eye on the white one above.  See you soon Laughing Gull.

Copy Cat Multi Strap high waisted bikini
Source: Net-A-Porter
Love love love this cobalt blue bikini.  The multi-traps and the cut seems like something Halle Berry would wear if she was to make another Cat Woman movie, right???

Ruffled Strapless swimsuit
Source: Net-A-Porter
So sexy and feminine, I would definitely wear this yellow ruffle swimsuit.  The only thing is, yellow doesn't look good on me.  Darn it!

Thrist mesh-paneled halterneck swimsuit
Source: Net-A-Porter

Whisper crochet-trimmed underwire swimsuit
Source: Net-A-Porter
Oh yeah.... this is it! the crochet, the underwire support and the colors.  Yes, this is it.  Perfect for this summer season, a mix of the oldies with the modernity for today's stylish fit.  

The Music: The Black Keys "Tighten Up"


Why didn't Jeff C. sing to me like this in 5th grade!?!? He would have had me at "hello."

Love this song.  Love The Black Keys.