Monday, April 11, 2011

The Shift Dress

The timeless silouhette of the shift dress, allows this closet necessity to be worn to any occation.  It is a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down, with varying accessories and fabric.  First worn in the roaring 1920's, the shift dress was popular among the young and vibrant flappers because it provided the women with ease to dance and... wiggle!

Victoria Beckham's Spring 2011 collection has a wonderful selection of shift dresses.  But who can afford them other than celebrities? Yonder Wonderland Blog found some at Closet Clothing UK so go check them out.

Source: Yonder Wonderland Blog

Yonder Wonderland Blog

Runway Lisanne Crepe Shift Dress from BCBG


Pearl in the Pearl

There are lots of cities in the U.S. now hosting arts & crafts days, especially in the summer.  Here is no different.  First Thursdays is big in the Pearl District of Portland and in the Pearl is where I found this ring.  It is cultured South Sea pearl that has not been fully developed.

Pearls are know for its perfection in shape, and color.  Its imperfections are sometimes overlooked.  The rawness of this piece is in its own right its perfection.  From the color to the contours , see how the pearl was cut out of its shell? This makes it a stunning, and a statement piece.

The silver business card holder is from Thailand, at Jatujak Market in Bangkok.

Wood Wedges

Wood wedges... what a sight.  The organic look can transform your outfit entirely.  Nowadays, wood wedges are created using various leather and made in cool shapes.  It is a walking piece of architecture.   

The wedges were first introduced by Salvatore Ferragamo.  In 1935 he created the orthopedic wedge and the wedge heel soon followed in 1936.  They were made from wood and cork only because there was a rubber shortage.  Cork was the preferred material because of its lightness and the sole proved to be more sturdy and stable.

Where you can find one-of-a-kind wood wedges? Go to Polyvore for some wonderful selections at varying prices.

Source: Karma Loop

Source: Polyvore

Source: Polyvore

Source: Polyvore

Source: Polyvore

Source: Polyvore

Source: Polyvore

Source: Polyvore

Source: Polyvore

Retro Legs

These are Wolford Winter 2010 legwear.  Love these patterns.  It is like looking at a cool, retro wall paper.  They are probably one of the most fragile Wolford out there because it snags easily.  Be sure to use your hosiery gloves!

By Boheme Noir: How to be Stylish in the Rain - Burberry

Living Oregon, we all know how hard it is to look effortlessly stylish through our endless rain.  Finally! Someone have heard our prayers and provided us with some great ideas to look HOT in wet weather. 

BOHEME NOIR did Oregon justice by giving us some great looks by Burberry.  Take a look below and check out their blog.

Urban Outfitters Kid Robot Sketch Event, April 14th

The brand Kid Robot was founded in 2002 by Paul Budnitz. The company offers world premier creations in toys, apparel designs, and accessories. It has collaborated with many world renowned artists such as Frank Kozik, Tim Biskup, eBoy, Devilrobots and many more.
It is one of the most creative pop art brand currently out there and is popular to young (and older) artistic and creative urbanites.
This Thursday Urban Outfitters is hosting a live sketching event.