Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Trend: The Cambridge Satchels

Do you go to school? How about an office job, are you lugging around mounds of files and a laptop? Or are you just stylish?  No matter... the Cambridge Satchel Co has some great bags for you!  They are such a classic piece of accessory and the nice part? It is Uni-sex, well it all depends on the color you choose.

Just ordered mine in this patent leather, electric blue.  Can't wait for it to arrive. 
 Where did I find this? of course!  It is exclusive to ASOS and the last time I checked, they are low in quantity so hurry and check them out.

This hot pink is siiiiick!  I would rock them, along with my Adidas high tops and shorts.  Perhaps I will start a collection of Cambridge bags.

So far ASOS seems to be a big winner for these awesome bags, at least if you are living in the U.S.  Cambridge's website ships overseas too but their selections are "general", or classing with a modern twist (like their Fluorescent collection).  Check out ASOS often because they get crazy looks that are exclusive to them.

Good luck friends!

The Looks: "Hurry back, hurry back"

You know how it feels when you have a good shopping day? When you're just out and about not expecting to shop but found the items that your heart has sat on for months... well, that was today.

It started out as a typical cloudy Portland Saturday, had a small breakfast, got the nails done and decided to head off to NW 23rd.  Every day during the week as I leave by yoga class on NW 23rd, I would pass by this new store.  Of course, never really had the time to stop in plus I was sweaty so today (Saturday) I finally got the chance.  No high expectation, but once I walked through their front doors I just knew I will be buying something.

One of the purchase? These 1950's Cat Eye sunglasses.  The frames are vintage with great rhinestones detail.  The cool part? These glasses were owned by an optometrist, he changed the lenses so that there would be UV protection.  What a thoughtful idea!  Anyways, when I saw it I just had to have them.  The real Cat Eye sunglasses, so HAPPY!!!

As for the wool blazer? It is a vintage blazer, adorned with appliques and cashmere hoodie/sleeves as well as hand sewn fresh water pearls in the detail.  Another great creation from Portland's very own Bella Sisters.  Want to know more about them? Read the post about the Bella Sisters at Not Made to Measure Blog: Bella Sisters

Scarf from Anthropologie
Vintage Cat Eye sunglasses from 1950's, from Reveille on NW 23rd
My Look:
American Apparel chiffon button up shirt
American Apparel chambray jumpsuit
Anthropologie scarf
Target necklace
Bella Sisters vintage wool blazer
ASOS satchel
Michael by Michael Kors shoes
Urban Outfitters socks
Reveille, vintage 1950's Cat Eye sunglasses

The Artist: Anish Kapoor, in Paris

At 57, the British artist, Indian born Anish is highly bankable and is one of the greatest living artists in our time.  His are works brings in large of heap of museumgoeres where ever it is exhibited.  Some pieces of his work have earned up to $4 million in auction from blue-chip collectors.

Anish Kapoor is not afraid of thinking big and big things, he loves it actually and you can see it from his creations.  They are often large in scale and are made from anything such as polystyrene, steel, and even PVCs.  But there is one certain large scale project that is so big, even Anish is a bit nervous about it.  For the upcoming 2012 Olympics in London, he has been asked to build a 380 foot tower of spiraling bloodred steel.  This will become the centerpiece of the upcoming Olympic games.  When done, the ArcelorMittal Orbit will stand taller than Big Ben and the Statue of Liberty.  

Source: BBC/Ice Cream blog

Source: Huffington Post
And then there is the "Monumenta," a monumental project in which Kapoor will erect an object within Paris' Grand Palais glass domed hall, originally unveiled to the world during the 1900 Universal Exhibition.  The "Monumenta" is a series of four giant PVC orbs that is inflated to fit the height, length and width of the 145,000 square foot hall.  This piece is a side step from the usual Anish because he normally works with metal in solid forms.  The Monumenta was unveiled to the public three days ago.  Visit their website to see and may be read more about it... it is in French however.

Source: Monumenta 2011

Monumenta 2011
"His work, which is abstract, conceptual and spiritual, can be translated across cultures"
- Barbara Gladstone, 25 year gallerist for Kapoor in New York

Top: "Memory" at Deutche Guggenheim (2009).  Bottom: "Clound Gate" at Chicago's Millennium Park  (2004).
Source: The WSJ Magazine, May 2011 issue

Bottom: "Dismemberment" at New Zealand's sculpture park The Farm (2003).
Source: The WSJ Magazine, May 2011 issue

Bottom: "Sky Mirrors" at London's Kensington Gardens (2010).
Source: The WSJ Magazine, May 2011 issue

"Yellow" at London's Royal Academy of Arts (2009)
Source: The WSJ Magazine, May 2011 

Kapoor stops range from the Museum of Modern Art, the Louvre, to the Guggenheim and Tate Modern.  At the Tate, he installed a trumpet like object entitled "Marsyas" in 2002, it attracted 1.85 million viewers.  This exhibit was the most popular the museum has ever held.  When the Royal Academy of Arts wanted to hold an retrospective of Kapoor's work in 2009, 275,000 people came to visit.  For the academy, it was their most successful exhibition by an artist that is still living.

I was lucky enough to see "Cloud Gate" while in Chicago a few years back, it is quite breath taking.  You can see the sky up close as it reflects on the bean shaped metalwork, from all sides.  The funny thing is that all the locals there dubbed "Cloud Gate" as "The Bean."  Well, it does look like a bean to me too.  I just hope I can  locate the pictures I took of "Cloud Gate".  When I do I will update this post.

Source of article:  The WSJ Magazine, May 2011 issue

The Know: TearDrop Lounge

Source: Travel + Leisure Magazine, courtesy of Teardrop Lounge

Teardrop Lounge is the place for cocktails in Portland, especially during happy hour.  They can make anything and then some.  Their seasonal concoctions are notoriously amazing and what really makes them different than most lounges in Portland is their homemade bitters.  There are rows and rows of them.  You know what else that is cool? If you like your drink made a certain way, the will write it down for you and keep it when you stop by the next time.  Now that's customer service!

It is a great place to meet the old in with the new.  They can turn an Old Fashioned into an Old "New" Fashioned with their twist of the classic.  No wonder why Travel + Leisure Magazine named Teardrop as one of America's best cocktail bar in the May 2011 issue.

Appleton Reserve rum, Sailor Jerry spiced rum, rhubarb syrup, lime, orange, cinnamon tincture, egg white, Peychaud's bitters.

A sweet token to Spring.  This cocktail is quite unique.  The rum is a bit overwhelming at first but mixed with the rhubarb syrup the taste buds were having a dance party with every sip.

Sweet basil
Little blanc, Plymouth gin, Thai basil syrup, orange flower water
Where do they come up with these mixtures?

My friend seems to have some kind of cocktail order luck.  Every new mix she orders seems to be perfectly balance.  This one is no different.  The sweet basil is well sweet basil, you can definitely smell and taste it.  However, it is not Thai food it is a drink.  But it is almost like you are eating a sweet Thai dish.  A definite must try for anyone looking for uniquely made cocktail.