Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Look: Checked Pants & Blue Suede Wedge

A movie night out at Bridgeport Village.  On the agenda? Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.  The best MI movie yet.  The suit worn by Tom Cruise as he arrived in Dubai is niiiiice.  Gentlemen, that's how you wear a suit!

Today's look:

Tracy Reece coat from Anthropologie
Kylina checked pants from Anthropologie
Knit shirt from The Gap
Lucky Penny blue suede, tasseled blue suede wedges from Anthroplogie
Rabbit fir scarf from Nordstrom
Knit leggings from H&M

Where Have I Been?

You may be wondering what have I been busy doing these months, not updating Not Made to Measure.

When Apple and I decided to struck a deal and allowed it to name its intelligent assistant (Siri) after me, I didn't realize that I would actually have to assist you users.  Check out this video and what its like to be Siri.

See... now you know why I haven't had the time to be back here.

The Know: Jason Wu for Target (Feb. 3rd)

Source: T Magazine, Jason Wu for Target
Source: Glamour, Jason Wu for Target at Target.com

Get ready stylistas... Jason Wu is coming to Target on Feb. 3rd!  Now, if you ever experience shopping at Target for new releases from hot designers at Target, you may want to take the day off.  These great designs sell off quickly and I mean quickly.  From the look of these sneak peaks, its going to be another hot sell! Especially since these dresses are under $50!

Cough! Cough! I feel like I may get the flu on Feb. 3rd....

The Artist: Bill Cunningham

"We all get dressed for Bill." - Anna Wintour

Ever wonder who took "On the Street" pictures of New York's street style? Every week, the New York Times publishes pictures of eclectic people style prancing the busy streets if NYE.  Meet the eyes behind the lens: Bill Cunningham.

If you have Netflix, check out the documentary about this hobbit of a photographer.  Great doc, what an interesting man!

The Know: Duct Tape Fashion

Duct tape.  Who would have thought something like duct tape would be the next new trend in fashion?  Originally, it was designed to keep moisture out of artillery castings during the war.  Its original color was olive drab.  Then, mechanics started to use the tape to fix cars and so begins the dull silver we know of today.  Now, when you walked into a Home Depot you can find duct tape in all colors of the rainbow.  Why, even Urban Outfitters sell duct tape.

Source: The New York Times (Copyrighted 2012)
Recently, Iowa State University held a fashion show of apparel made from duct tape.  Of course, most of us may have seen the duct tape wallet and woven hand bags.  Read the full article in The New York Times.