Monday, June 27, 2011

The Crave: Casadei Heels

If all I have to do in life is to work, eat and buy shoes, without worrying about other obligations and still be able to have a fun exciting life, I will be complete.  This is a shoe lover dream... worthy of Ms. Carey Bradshaw herself. 

Price tag? $851. 

But look at it! It is so pretty.  Pink suede shoes, what more can we ask for? A summer must have.

The Crave: Sally Hansen Nail Strips

Source: Sally Hansen
A friend of mine discovered this the other week.  So far the reviews for these are the best, especially the patterned ones.  There are lots of different kinds but the zebra striped ones seems pretty cool for summer.  Will try these out and get back to you on how it works.  Stay tuned!

The Random: The Horse Project

It all started with a trip to Goodwill, when artist Scott Wayne from Indiana purchased a bunch of horse figurines and tied them to the rings on the sidewalk of Portland. 

What are these "horse rings" for? Back in the day, these rings were placed all over the downtown area.  When you come into town, on your horse, to shop or do business you just tie your horse to these rings.  Think of it as a parking meter.  Pretty cool!

Now, in random places, you will see these little horses tied to a ring by random Portlanders.

The Know: Limo Peruvian Restaurant

Had a great meal the other day at Limo.  Started out with the traditional Peruvian ceviche.  Fresh white fish, lime juice, corn, sweet potatoes and herbs.  All of which must be mixed it so you can enjoy the mixture of its texture and flavors.  It was so delicious!

The duck and rice dish was the best and really well seasoned rice.  The curry dish wasn't bad but a little bit too thick for our taste.  As for the seafood paella like dish, my sister was not so pleased with the rice but the seafood mix was not bad.

The highlight of the evening had to be the ceviche, hands down.