Thursday, April 14, 2011


Who would have thought Abercrombie & Fitch have been around for over three centuries? THREE Centuries! David T. Abercrombie and Ezra Fitch founded the company back in 1892 as a sporting good store.  Their brand was successful together then there was a split up and it stayed as the "Fitch Years" for a bit.  When Fitch retired, the company went through various managements and almost failed in 1977.  Limited Brands bought it in 1988 and appointed Mike Jeffries to put the business back on track.  And he did.  Jeffries revolutionized the brand into an upscale youthful fashion label.  Having a strong foothold in the U.S. retail market, Abercrombie & Fitch is now taking cautious steps on to global expansion.

Some famous peeps seen wearing A&F are John F. Kennedy, Teddy Roosevelt, Amelia, Earhart, Greta Garbo, Katherine Hebpurn, Clark Gable, and of course The Beckhams.

If you were to go to Abercrombie what should you focus on? Yes, they have tons of T-shirts, graphic T's, shorts, denim, and on and on and on.  What you need to know is this:  Cargo shorts.  By far, Abercrombie has the best cargo shorts out there.  The price is pretty reasonable and well worth the quality.

Besides cargo shorts, go here for their well made and multiple selection of plaid button-up shirts.  They make them not only for winter but in Spring/Summer too.  

Their denim skirts are pretty nice as well.  The quality can't be beat and the cut is timeless.  I have one that I bought over 6 years ago and I can still wear them.  Denim just don't go out of style that much, it all depends on how you dress it up.

The only thing left is to exit A&F in style, carrying their famous shopping bag...

Yeah, I have no problem with this but guys don't you want a bag with some girl's abs on it? C'mon A&F, make things uni-sex.

Colored Denim

Source of picture: Singer22

They're baaack!  The color denims are amazing, some a little too bold than most but nothing more than a good challenge.  This SS2011, is no different than the last.  There's an abundant number of celebrities who are strutting the streets with crazy cool colors this Spring.  Some of these denim comes in bold color so be careful how you piece things together. If you're  new to color blocking keep things simple. 

Wearing bold colors may require you to tune down your outfit with simple black/white top and a crazy blazer of some sort.  Accessorize it with some necklaces and a big leather clutch.  Don't get too crazy.

Who's carrying the best colored denim this season? gave us a little hint:
J Brand Mid Rise Skinny Jeans
J Brand Low Rise Cut Off Short
Trends can be spendy... or does it? The recession may have just passed over, but that doesn't mean we all can go out there and buy a $150 pair of jeans.  For an alternative, with pretty good fitting try the BDG colored denim at Urban Outfitters.  Be warned, however, these BDGs run small so be sure to go a size up.  If you never purchased from UO online, I highly recommend you go into their store and try on a pair of BDGs.  They do fit a bit more snug compared to other brands.  Otherwise, they do offer Free Returns.

BDG High Rise Cigarette denim in berry, Urban Outfitters

BDG High Rise Cigarette denim in yellow, Urban Outfitters

BDG High Rise Cigarette denim in purple, Urban Outfitters

Fist Full of Love... BOMBS! & Love Knuckles

What you are about to see is my very own obsession.  These LoveKnuckles and LoveBoMbs are ingenious!  The designer you ask? Ann Winifred , raised in Aspen, Colorado and Portland, Oregon, Wini permanently became ours.  And why not? Look at how talented she is.  I guarantee, if you wear these rings people will be asking you about them.
LoveKnuckle, made from Recycled Metal $50.

LoveKnuckles LoveBoMbs, made from Recycled metal $65

LoveKnuckle, made from Recycled Metal $50.

Source of pictures (above) and where to purchase: Not Quite Neon

Her pieces above are made from Recycled metal and are pretty affordable.  But Winifred does not disappoint, she creates pieces that are in gold and silver too.  Some even have precious stones and diamonds.  To learn more about her work and to place orders, visit her website by clicking on this link Anna Winifred

Take a look at her other works here...

H&M White Hot Conscious Collection

Being in style means being up to date on today's trend in fashion... and lifestyle.  You can look great, feel great in your clothes all the while being kind to our over-worked mother nature.

To kick off Earth Day with a bang and to continue its social responsibility as a company, H&M brings to us some awesome additions for your summer whites collection.  This is part of their Conscious Collection of "Hot Whites."  There are pieces that uses organic cotton and recycled material.  I actually purchased a recycled item from their early Spring collection and love it.  It's not any different from any other clothes so why not take the part and help Earth anyway we can. 

Here are some picks that you may want to hurry to the store and grab before it is gone.

Recycled Polyester Dress, $19.95

Organic cotton skirt $19.95

Organic cotton top $14.95

Organic cotton shorts $14.95
Organic cotton blend pants $39.95

Organic cotton blend blazer $29.95

Shirt $9.95
Organic cotton shirt $9.95, 9-14 years
Source of pictures: H&M Conscious Collection