Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Know: TOMS Eyewear & One for One Evolves

"Sight is a fundamental need..." Blake Mycoskie

It all started as a cause to help those less fortunate by providing them with a pair of shoes.  Mycoskie intuitively combined philanthropy and entrepreneurship into a well oiled and successful business model.  So what has changed? With all business, reinvention is key.  So, Mycoskie is reinventing TOMS by expanding his business into eyewear.  Don't worry, his One-for-One will continue along with this too.

The sunglasses are made in Italy and has three styles: Classic 101, Classic 201 and Classic 301.  The 101 are like Ray Ban wayfarers, 201 are large and round while the 301 are like aviators.  There will be a variety of colors for each design.  The cool part? The temple of each pair will have hand painted color and white stripe.  This represents the bond between YOU (the consumer) 
and the person YOU are helping.

The price tag is $135.  You may think that the price is a little high but on average a good pair of shades cost about $90-$130.  The cheapest pair of Ray Ban is about $130.  So if you're shopping around for a pair of shades anyways, be sure to check out TOMS too.

TOMS is partnering with the Seva Foundation to provide eye health for those with 
visual illnesses in developing countries. 

To read more about TOMS path to success and how Mycoskie has stuck to his true grit to help those in need, read the full article at HuffPost.

source: Huffpost

The Music: Rihanna's Man Down

All I can say is... where can I get her green and white striped pumps?!?!?     Research... COMMENCES!

The Icon: Marisa Berenson

Before Gisele, Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks, the most highly paid and sought after model was
Marisa Berenson.  She was granddaughter of Elsa Schiapirelli and was groomed by the legendary Vogue editor Diana Vreeland to her super stardom status during the 60's.  

Check out the full article and pictorials at Style.com


source: Style.com

The Looks: Stroll

This dress is the ish!  The tank top and the flirty bottom combines both casual with romance.  Nice to wear on a hot day like this one.  Oh, there's that Lita again! This shoe is amazing.  So comfortable and well worth the price.  If you are interested, check out sites like:

The Music: Happy Birthday Dean Martin!

"The coolest man who ever lived."

To Stevie Van Zandt said he was "simply perfect."  While Elvis Prestley worshipped him.  Who is this man? Dean Martin.

Born Dino Crocetti, today Dean Martin would have celebrated his 94th birthday.  He would have swooned with his sinsual voice and his mysteriosity.  Us youngsters may be beguiled by his charming good looks but don't let this fool you.  Dean Martin's past is as gritty as today's hip hop artists.  He was a bootlegger, a speakseasy croupier, blackjack dealer, and boxer!

A true musician and a wonderful artist to be remembered. 

 Happy Birthday! Dean Martin!

This is what Bruno Mars will look like when he gets older.

The Looks: Peek a boo! I see you...

The Litas are the most comfortable shoes ever! I love this shoe, especially in denim.  

Did an experiment today, decided to color block with stripes! So far so good, what do you think?

The Looks:
Vintage Pendleton blazer
T shirt from Anthropologie
Mini skirt from Forever 21
Ray Ban Wayfarers stolen from my little sister
Red clutch vintage
Ring from Target
Bracelets from my homie: Thailand!