Saturday, April 9, 2011

Urban Turban

The trend has been set.  It is now Spring, heading to Summer.  What classic fashion accessory is coming back so fierce? The Turban.  The Huffington Post had a great pictorial of Fashion Week in NYC back in Feb. 2011. 
Here is a peek:

At Notoriety Inc., they posted looks from Prada and John Wu SS2011 and gave us a preview of what was (or IS now) to come:

The look, when done well can be quite elegant.  I certainly like the look but my big ears may hinder its elegance.  But, will try it anyways and get back to you!

A little history...
This look is not for the fainted heart.  It requires confidence and fierce commitment to pull off this accessory.  First popular during the 1940's and 1950's, when women would glamorously wrap their heads with a silky luscious and colorful turban adorned with bows or a jeweled pendant.

Source: Burda Style
In this season, we see updated looks of this classic fashion icon:

Vogue, Jason Wu

Source: Issa, Glamour UK

Source: Fashion Gone Rogue

Source: Hanneli
 Finally, how do you create this look?  Here are a couple of How To videos on YouTube by ModCloth.

Urban Farmer

Not at the farm this morning! Rather, strolling Nob Hill in comfy overalls and modern clogs.  Who knew clogs can look so fashionable?

Overalls are great! In a previous post, Jumpin Denim', you saw various version of jumpers and overalls.  Nowadays, it is not just limited to farmhands, fashionistas such as yourself can pull these classic denim from casual to urban night-outs with the girls.  Try pairing them with pumps, cool jewels, and simple tanks (or T's).  You can even do a denim-denim duo!

What do we have on?

Ray Ban Catty Clubmaster
Cooperative at Urban Outfitters shirt
H&M Cardigan
GAP overalls
Vince Camuto clogs
ASOS satchel

Ray Ban, the Wayfarer, Catwear, and Jackie-O!

The Wayfarer has been around since 1952.  It was an eye wear revolutionary, created by Raymond Stegeman.  He was an optical designer who had procured many patents for Busch & Lomb, Ray Band parent company.  The glasses' design and shape was radically different and started the break from the typical metal frame.  This timeless shape was quite popular in the 1950's and 1960's but faded in popularity in the 1970's.

Ironically, the Wayfarers were almost discontinued after the slump.  However, due to a great advertising strategy of product placement, it became ever popular starting in 1982.  What happened? Ray Ban signed a $50,000 one-year deal with Unique Product Placement of Burbank, California, to put its Wayfarers into television shows and movies.  Since then, and especially since the mid-2000's, Wayfarers has regained its popularity and is enjoying the revival.

Here are some great styles that you should look into (and get one)!  Someone needs to email Wiz Khalifa about the last one.

Classic Black

Classic Red

Way White

Black & Yellow!
Besides these great classics, Ray Ban have stepped their eye wear game to include some classic styles with a modern twist.

You probably have seen pictures of me with one of these, do you know which one?

Catty Clubmaster White

Catty Clubmaster Marble White

Comic on Black Wayfarer
Gradient Red

Jackie Ohh II Honey


CHANEL AFTER COCO: SS 2011 SUNGLASSES Chanel After Coco has some great ideas for your new pair of sunglasses as we are now in the start of Spring/Summer 2011.

Here's just a small few of her top picks so click on the link above to view more.