Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Not Made to Measure Blog Against SOPA + PIPA

Source: Huffington Post

Don't censor the web! Be sure to voice your right and sign the petition.  Check out Huffington Post's article.

The Obsession: Butter 3 Free

Yeah its pricey but boy are their stuff is so good! 

Have been using it for the last two weeks now and the lacquer lasts much longer than the traditional brands.  

Why is it 3 Free? Free of carcinogens that's why.  
For that it's worth $14 to me!  

Go to Ulta, they have a great set that comes with a lacquer and remover for $25.  You save like $3.  Well worth the price!

The Random: Pokemon bra pokebra

Source: Ebay

What does random search on Google get you? Pokebra.  Learn about it.

The Inspiration: Emma Stone in Gucci

Source: Style.com

The jacket is uber cute... but what really inspires me is the lawn green.  H&M has some great pieces in this color... too bad they ran out of the pants in my size! Additionally, the t-strap shoes are back ladieeees!  I've been looking and haven't found the right one quite yet.  As soon as I do, will be sure to share.

No fret! I still have time before Spring is near... the search continues.

The Random: Louboutin Cakes

For my birthday... I want this + the Daffodil.