Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Random: USB Smith Corona Classic 12 Typewriter

Did I take notes in class today with the 
WWII Royal Deluxe?

Why yes, yes I did.  And it was hooked up to my iPad.  Ok, well may be not.  But boy would I love to see the reactions on people faces when I pull this giant contraption from my North Face sweeper.  And no, I don't have this.  Not because it's impractical but it wouldn't fit inside my backpack.

Who is behind this? Jack Zylkin.  Jack is a recluse purveyor of antiquities that owns 57 cats with a genius for a brain.  You can learn about Jack and his creations by visiting his website usbtypewriter.com (or on Etsy).  

Go on now and check him out!

The Random: USB Pet Rock @ ThinkGeek

Have you purchased your pet rock? 

Popularized in the 1970's as a social experiment by an advertising exec.  The idea you ask? He wanted to know if you can take something as simple as a rock, market it, and make people happy with the end result of making MONEY??  Yes!  

For $10, you can visit ThinkGeek and purchase the 21st century version which comes with a USB cable.  Put it at your desk at work and see the response!  Make your own social experiment with the USB Pet Rock.  

Here are some pictures from proud owners of the USB Pet Rock...

Uh oh... someone needs to be crated!


PEOPLE! May Week 2 @ Zara.com

photo by


photo by


May, Week #2 was a little bit less inspiring than most.  I saw a lot of looks that we have seen before.  However, these two popped the most.  Very creative in use of textures and colors as well as the pattern play in the Ikat like patters on the pants above.  Love love the first outfit.  But really really love the kimono vest.