Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Know: Randall Children's Hospital at Legacy Emanuel

A few weeks ago, some colleagues and I were very lucky to receive a sneak peak of Portland's newest children's hospital: 

The state of the art hospital is designed by ZGF Architects.  

The theme is clearly Northwest.  Lots of cutouts of animals normally found in our area.  
The cutouts are back-lit with varying colors too.  

The idea is not make the kids feel like they're in a hospital.  It's already difficult for them and their family when the child is sick.  So the hospital and the designer worked really hard to ensure that the building doesn't have that atmosphere.  

Check out the pics. below...  

Doesn't this entrance waiting area look like a night club lounge in NYC?

Put a bird on it!

This will be a fountain.  But it does more than look pretty.  It helps filter the rain water before it hits the storm  drain and into our rivers.  

Rain water drains into this and then travels and falls into the "fountain" below for natural purification.  Well, also purified.  It just cleans it up enough so the fishies don't get sick.

Yes, these are ceramic tiles.  So what? Well, it rains here a lot and so there are lots of issues with water leaking through the walls (over time) and cause molding.  Well, this little invention is interesting.  Separating the ceramic tile walls outside and the interior walls is a tiny vacuumed space.  When rain water hits the ceramic, water absorbed in but doesn't touch the inside wall because of that space.  As water evaporates, it is released back out to the exterior.  

Instagram: Hermes Me to Death!

I love you big sister!!! You obviously know 
about my obsession [sickness].

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The Look: Dior Muse

Inspired by yesterday's post (Dior - Haute Couture), today's look is all about classic necessities.  Kitty heels, pearl choker necklace, and outrageously statement full skirt.  

The bad part? IT. WAS. SO. COLD! While taking these pictures.

(Above) Lauren Moffat skirt & ASOS fluffy shell top with zip back.  Not pictured here: Falke smart network tights

(Above) Jeffrey Campbell shoes, Butter London: Yummy Mummy, Ardell lashes #128 and Philosophy: Grace

The Know: Dior Haute Couture 2012

Source of photos: W Magazine

The House of Dior is so inspirational.  Keeping in line to its classic beginnings of what made Christian Dior so famous.  The intricate femininity of their 2012 Spring collection are so lovely!  

The favorite? The second to last dress... a touch of modernity with its top half and the textured bottoms.  Wow.

The Inspiration: Plain Front, Dramatic Back


Love! Love! Love! Nothing like a girl in a simple LBD dress... as she passes by you look back and BAM! The open lace back.  Where can I get one? (that doesn't cost $800)??

Instagram: Purr-ka-dot

Tried an experiment with patterns... Vince Camuto leopard printed booties with teal polk-a-dots and mesh socks.  
The results came out pretty well if I may say so.