Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Know: Prada Spring 2012 Shoes + Accessories

Oh, excuse me... I was drooling a bit.  

My favorite is the blue/yellow rocket wedges below.  It is like Joan Jetson kind of shoes! I seriously think their line was inspired by the Jetsons cartoon... I  

You are my best friend, blue.

You are my other best friend.

The handbag is ridiculously dreamy.  I must have one.

Thank you Fashionista for posting these pictures.  We are now totally in love.  I wonder what stores in my area will carry these?

Source: Fashionista

The Inspiration: 90's Grunge

In a few months, it will be spring.  Not that we need to wait that long.  Anyways, the 80's comeback seems to be dying down and now we're heading straight into the 90's.  Topshop has some great inspiring pieces for this comeback and I am surely excited about it.  Planning: commences.

P.S. Finally found a bowler hat.  Going to combine that into my 90's grunge.

Source: Topshop

The Crave: Comme des Garçons x Cambridge Satchel Co.

Source: The New York Times

Source: Cambridge Satchel Company

I can't deny, adding a Comme des Garçons to the collection would be a dream.  However, I wonder how much is it going to hurt my checking account?  I guess I'll settle for Cambridge Satchel Co metallic collection instead.  They're so H.O.T!!!

The Food: Brunch at Screen Door Portland

Is it because I am a big fan of "How I Met Your Mother" why I love brunch so much? Hmmm