Saturday, March 12, 2011

Icons of Fashion

Every eternal stylist's companion. This book is the 'ish!


Romantic and beautiful, Nude is an important color for Spring and a necessity for every girls' closet.

Mango does is nicely with these soft pieces.  It flows with romanticism and can be pulled off by everyone.

Be sure not to overwhelm your Nude wear, keep it very clean and simple.  Mind your proportions too.

Check these out...

Madam Chic, Victoria Beckham.

This look is amazing.  A very simple peplum dress that accentuates femininity and elegance.  Definitely a head turner kind of look.  The sleek bun on top and the grey heels pull everything together.  If you like this, then check out ASOS.COM.  They have the exact same dress in three shades.  Hurry! It's going to go away fast.

Mario Mario where art thou Mario

Tip of the Day:  If you don't have this in your medicine cabinet, run to Nordstrom and get one.

Use this as soon as you see the slightest hint of a pimple.  Use it until it dries up and pimple no more.  It works, really!  Especially if you use it right away.

Remember: NEVER SHAKE THE BOTTLE.  It is suppose to be separated.