Sunday, January 29, 2012

Instagram: Portland's Little Oasis

Heading to the salon to get the hair done and found this little oasis.  
How perfect, a place to get away to when work is stressful.

Instagram: @pretaporterchic

The Crave: Lauren by Ralph Lauren Equestrian Boot

Getting the hair done and saw this in Glamour magazine.  
Must. Have. It.

Instagram: @pretaporterchic

The Know: Karl by Karl

As you know, many big designers are launching lines that side step themselves from that of haute couture.  The economy is not kind to everyone which includes the apparel industry and those of lucrative fashion houses.  Not Made to Measure style can be great to big houses but the downside is that it may "flood" the market and make their label feel less high fashion.  So, they really have to be careful how much of these ready to wear should be made and create the right price point... a very, very delicate balance.

Nonetheless, Karl Lagerfeld long awaited ready to wear line away from Chanel's haute couture hit Net-A-Porter on Jan. 25th.  Here are some pretty cool pieces from his new collection:

Source: Fashionista

The Random: Hippo Poo Storm (LMFAO!!)

Thanks big sista for sharing.  This made my day!

The Music: Sexy and I Know It LMFAO

This video makes me chuckle... wiggle! wiggle! wiggle!