Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Know: Bow Tie Knots

Via: Romwe

Have you ever been curious about the various type of bow tie knots? I love the bow tie and one of these days, I am going to learn how to do these knots!  

Nordstrom Rack have a pretty darn good selection of bow ties that have some great patterns.  Seriously, I am about to invest some free time (whenever that may be) to learn how to do these and when I do, I will share with you!

Check out my old post about the bow tie and how to wear them here: How To Pull Off Bow Tie

The Crave: Hermes Constance

Source: Romwe
The Constance was introduced to the world by Hermes in 1969.  Yes, not every bag up above is the Constance but I just find the picture so pretty.  

If the Olsen twins are wearing them, you know it's about to be big.  Don't let the size fool you! Although it looks small the bag is actually Goldie Loc perfect... not too big and not too small.  The price tag? $5900+.  Get ready to be on the wait list though.

Via: Rewind Vintage

Source: Rewind Vintage

The Inspiration: Color Blocked Nails

Well, I know what I'll will be doing this weekend.  Pretty cool and oh so easy!

The Know: Ways To Wear The Scarf

Via: Romwe

Via Romwe

Ran into this post accidentally at Romwe.  What a great idea! This kind of tips are so useful to everyone.  Something like a scarf can transform you outfit entirely and with minimal cost / effort.  

I actually tried out the knot in the first set of pictures above (lower left hand corner) today.  Wore a simple T-shirt, red blazer, leggings and flats.  Then accessorized it with the scarf... this guy on the street was practically running after me to tell me know cool and refreshing it looked!  How sweet!

Check these out and try them guys... You'll be surprised how well it turns out.

Design Du Jour

Inspired from the movie "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow."  The costumes wore by the leading lady of the movie, Gwyneth Paltrow, was just beautiful.  It got me thinking and so I had to draw something like it.  
This is my rendition of the classic designs of the 1940's and 1950's.

The Crave: A Closet Full of Chanel

Source: Romwe

Need I say more? The coral one is really nice.  So are the sparkly ones and the black one in the far back.  Heck! I want them all.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Crave: Black Milk's Beetlejuice Suspenders

Source: Black Milk

Really want these but they're sold out.  However, they do have the black ones which are pretty sick as well.  Have to admit, really loving Black Milk's designs right and totally craving them.

The Look: British Invasion

Adding a bit of a twist to my favorite look of denim & denim.  Inspired by my love of Agyness Deyn fun and cool street style.  Scrummaged through the closet and found this old denim coat I got almost ten years ago!  Never throw away your staples guys because certain things just never go out of style, no matter what.

For today's look:
Bowler hat (ASOS), denim jacket (Abercrombie & Fitch), checked button up flanel shirt (Levi), English flag belt (Urban Outfitters from my boyfriend's closet), boyfriend denim (Levi), Masai boots (Doc Marten).

Design Du Jour

Sometimes, like a lot of artists, inspiration an also come from just sketching shapes around.  This one I was playing around with curves and decided to design an evening dress that accents the lines and curves of the human body.  And I was watching Moulin Rouge so I was really into their costumes too.

The Know: Du Kuh Be Korean Noodles

Why do we love Portland? Because it never runs out of places to eat, for cheap. For two people, we hit this let night spot in Beaverton, Oregon, and order these hand made noodle stir fry dish.  It is so yummy.  The boy friend is crazy addicted to it.  But hurry, the close at 1 AM!!

The Random: Cambridge Satchel Neon!

Source: Romwe
Tomorrow, when I wake up, I would like to see one of every color in my closet.  Closing my eyes and going to sleep..... NOW!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Look: That Sh*T Cray

Didn't I saw the bowler hat was on my checklist? Yes, I finally got 'em.  Ever since "We Found Love" and "You Da One" music videos were released, the style Rihanna wore inspired a 90's grunge feel in me.  This outfit was inspired from the two music video.  Rihanna had on an where she wore a fit-and-flare acid washed denim skirt along with garter belt and knee high socks in "We Found Love".  And the bowler hat came from the ones she wore in "You Da One."  

Honestly, I was unsure how the outfit was going to come out.  The garter belt is actually a corset.  Luckily, the shorts are high waisted so it covered the corset quite well and everything worked out swell!  Got luck alright!

Today's look:

Bowler hat, ASOS
Faux leather jacket, Nordstrom
Silk shirt, Nordstrom
Red scarf, Louis Vuitton
Acid washed high waisted shorts, Diesel
Corset garter belt, Chantal Thomass
Knee high socks [gifted, from Thailand]
Masai boots, Doc Martens

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Inspiration: Duvette Cap-Toe Pigalle

The Louboutin Gold Toe Pigalle.  Sigh.  It must be love (again).

The Art: Picasso's Portrait of Igor Stravinsky (Paris 1920)

Love the cartoonish look of this sketch by Picasso.

The Know: Vanity Fair 18th Anniversary Edition

This cover is hot! Not only does it features this year's leading ladies but also a bit of the trend for SS/2012: The Great Gatsby.

Anthropologie February 2012 Catalog

Pre-Spring stuff is here!  Here are some of my favorite picks from this month's catalog.  These colors, patters, textures and shoes are getting me all excited for Spring and Summer 2012.

washed denim button down $88, field of vision skirt $148

ajaka necklace $198, otta dress $168, tipped socks $24, autlan heels $410

I love how she wore the dress, socks and heels above.  The color coordination are so well done and pulls everything together.  Great for the office and happy hour wear.
ruffled oska dress, scalloped perimeter belt, polka dot socks

Not sure about the dress... looks great in the photo but must be seen in real life.  Nonetheless, the polka dot socks and shoes are my favorite pieces in this outfit.

verbatim tank, oblique ease skirt, reduct wedges

This. Is. Bomb.

trifele pullover, thermal tank, celeste striped pencil skirt

slubby scoopneck, jones wide legs, plica sandals

Perfect.  Black dress and BOOM! Heels.

winnowed lines tank, pressed lutea skirt, tipped socks, mala wingtip heels

kivi wedges by leifsdottier, naja cutout wedges, muted turns wedges from krom by kronkron spain, shibou stacked wedges

I want all of these shoes, especially the floral wedges and the color block ones.  The price tag is quite hefty so I will have to wait and see... perhaps Spring sale?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Art

I get into these moods and decide to draw pictures of Geisha's.  Here is a picture inspired from a tea cup that I bought from a Japanese gift shop.  

Design Du Jour

Decided to post designs of my own.  These are two of my favorite drawings from a large portfolio hidden in my art folder.  More to come!  Some still needs to be colored... just haven't had the time to finish it.  

The Look: Do you remember Punky Brewster?

Experimented with textures and patterns.  Hard to see with these pics. but the dress is a peplum waisted, strapless dress.  Mixed it with pattern rocking tights and my currently favorite boots by Doc Martens.  I love the shades of black, white and grey combined with all of the different patterns.  Reminds me a little bit of a modernized version of Punky Brewster!  

Lol.  Those from the early 90's, do you remember the show??

For today's look...

Peplum polka dot dress from Urban Outfitters
Faux leather jacket from Nordstrom
Louis Vuitton scarf [gifted]
Vintage Chanel quilted bag [gifted]
Leggings from Nordstrom
Masai boots by Doc Martens
Scarf from American Apparel

The Art: @ Wieden + Kennedy

It's 2012 and a new month... First Thursday in the Pearl.  Art, food, drinks, and fun.  

This month we stepped into Wieden + Kennedy office in the Pearl and got a glimpse of some great prints and photos.  Here is a peak.

Is this fate or did they really know I was going to be here...
I <3 Law & Order.