Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Crave: See by Chloe Wedge Sneakers

Must. Have. Them.

See you soon Solestruck!

DIY: Studded distressed shorts

Shredded shorts and studs have been on my mind!  There are so many cute styles out there and I almost bought one for about $157.  Then, lightning struck and I thought, "why not make them myself?"

And so, here it is....
Thrifted Levi's from Goodwill $7
Studs from Oregon Leather Co. $6
butter knife
shallow tub
old tooth brush

Now, there are lots of great DIY videos on YouTube that will help. The best video that had great tips is posted at the bottom.

Let's get started!

Three hours and two very sore thumbs later...

Can't wait to wear these!  
But first, a trip to the bleach bucket and washer.

NOTE: Be sure the denim is stiff and not too soft.  It will help with the studding and shredding.

The Look: Gypsy

 A light stroll after brunch at Pine State Biscuit.  

Somehow my skirt could stand side ways on its own! What am I looking at? Doggy kaka... my photography decided that she likes the yellow flowers [behind me] and the urban feel of this area.  Hmmmm... I guess I'll stand here but I'm not moving! The sidewalk looks like a doggy loo.

Today's look:
Prada minimal baroque sunglasses
Velvet bralett from Urban Outfitters
American Apparel accordion skirt
American Apparel shawl
YSL Palais pumps
Necklaces from Forever 21 and Target
Chanel bag

Sneak Peak: The Look - YoKo Pop!

Details of this look coming soon! 

Trend: A little pop of Neon.