Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Random: Superbowl Commercial

The Dog Strikes Back 2012

The Look: Checked!

Finally! A night at the movies when it is not raining or 20 degrees below zero.  This calls for something fun and sort of practical.  What can I say, I love colors... even it is still winter, I don't believe in a total blackout in my outfits.  Incorporating some color (or colors) can be fun.  For today's look:

Banana Republic checked scarf
Pendleton vintage blazer
T-short from Urban Outfitters
Checked shorts from Lucky
Opaque tights by DKNY (IT. IS. THE. BEST!  So comfy!)
and of course... JC Lita in Denim from Singer22

The Know: WSJ "The Most Beautiful Cars of Le Mans"

Found this in the archive... lots of stacks of old news paper that I never threw out.  Meant to post this along when the Portland Art Museum had the Allure of the Automobile exhibit last summer.  

These cars are beautiful...

The Trend: Update to 90's Grunge "Boyfriend Jeans"

Just adding to the trend into 90's Grunge for 2012... here some classic pics. of stars in their boyfriend jeans.  

Getting inspired yet?

Source: ASOS, Winona Ryder

Source: ASOS, Kate Moss & Johnny Depp

Source: ASOS, Drew Barrymore

Source: ASOS, Madonna.

The Trend: Wedge Hightops

Never thought it would be a trend but here it is... wedge hightops.  From Anne Hathaway to Rose Huntington-Whitley, big name stars are wearing these wedge.  The ones below were on Marc Jacob's Instagram this morning.  Kinda cool.  What do you guys think?
via @marcjacobsintl | Instagram

Source: ASOS

Love how Miranda Kerr is wearing hers.  Chic and street smart.
Source: ASOS

Source: ASOS

Source: ASOS

Like how they're both wearing them too, especially toting those Louis around.
Source: ASOS

Source: ASOS