Sunday, April 10, 2011

Meet Me in Denim and Denim

Pulling off a denim-denim look is so easy.  It is by far my favorite look that anyone can pull, at any season.  All you need are a couple of key denim pieces.  You already have the jeans so go look around for a couple of nice denim shirts.  Levi's is a good start (especially now) and so is The GAP

This look will provide you with endless possibilities and expand your tiny closet a long way.  Adding key accessories will help create a new look for you too, despite wearing the same denim pieces.

Below is what I was wearing today:

GAP denim shirt
Paige Premium denim skinny jeans
Louis Vuitton scarf
Hermes belt
ASOS satchel (my favorite accessory out there)
YSL Curvy Platform
Casio G-Shock watch in metallic purple.


Anthropologie April 2011 Spring Catalog

Anthropologie April Spring 2011 catalog is out! With it comes wonderful, classical wear that has been put into modern flare... hey! that rhymed.

The March, early Spring 2011 catalog was nice but the April is way better.  Here are some looks that I found will look ever eternal, in style:

Mompos dress, Winding Turns shades, & Windabout heels

Lace Tracing tees, High Gloss belt, San Pedro pencil skirt

Arte Moderno necklace, Safe Travels pullover, Slim Shine belt, Bowtied batik short, & Colorful Composition wedges

Grand Coast cover up, In the Current bikini top, Marine Depths wedges

Lemon Stick wedges, Marine wedges, Color Composition, and Tied & Thatched wedges

Camera Pose bikini top and bottom

Water Splatter maillot

High Sun bikini top and bottom

Natalie one piece

Evelyn maillot

Golden Days bikini top and bottom, Pop-of-Dots bikini top and bottoms

YSL Tribute

Aside from its current hiccup with the lawsuit filed in Manhattan by Louboutin, Yves Saint Laurent it self has some iconic shoe style in its own right.  Makes us wonder why they even fathomed of painted the signature red soles of Christian Louboutin?

The YSL Tribute is among one of its most successful style.  It is simply classic and may be worn with practically anything.  A lot of celebrities have been seen wearing these amazing 5" heels (with 1 1/4" platform) for quite some time.  Take a look!

Visit for more styles and to make your purchase.

Who's been wearing the Tribute?

Olivia Palermo has been seen rockin the YSL Tribute Sandals on the red carpet:

Source Red Carpet Fashion Awards

YSL online boutique has bit of a collection of wedges and platform sandals.  Here are some samples of such:

Devonation FW2011 by Devon Yan Berrong

Devon Yan Berrong is a self taught artist.  A watercolorist by trade, his talent has no bounds and have metamorphasized into the artistry of fashion design.

This past September, Devon debuted his prêt-à-porter Spring/Summer 2011 collection in the fast growing Portland fashion scene at Portland Fashion Week.

(c) Portland Fashion Week 2011,

(c) (c) Portland Fashion Week 2011,

(c) Portland Fashion Week 2011,

Today, Devon introduced to us his "Madame Butterfly" FW2011 collection.  It was so breath taking.  The beautiful colors Devon choose for his collection are like his watercolor paintings.  Each design had amazing Asian inspired patterns that were full of details and textures.  As you sit through his show, one can not help but feel like you were too watching Puccini's Madame Butterfly.  Devon's artistic ability knows no bound, from head to toe his models were like his walking work of art.  They breathed his imagination into something that is now real.

Here is Devonation, F/W2011 collection:


More of Madame Butterfly FW2011 by Devonation

Devonation FW2011