Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Art

I get into these moods and decide to draw pictures of Geisha's.  Here is a picture inspired from a tea cup that I bought from a Japanese gift shop.  

Design Du Jour

Decided to post designs of my own.  These are two of my favorite drawings from a large portfolio hidden in my art folder.  More to come!  Some still needs to be colored... just haven't had the time to finish it.  

The Look: Do you remember Punky Brewster?

Experimented with textures and patterns.  Hard to see with these pics. but the dress is a peplum waisted, strapless dress.  Mixed it with pattern rocking tights and my currently favorite boots by Doc Martens.  I love the shades of black, white and grey combined with all of the different patterns.  Reminds me a little bit of a modernized version of Punky Brewster!  

Lol.  Those from the early 90's, do you remember the show??

For today's look...

Peplum polka dot dress from Urban Outfitters
Faux leather jacket from Nordstrom
Louis Vuitton scarf [gifted]
Vintage Chanel quilted bag [gifted]
Leggings from Nordstrom
Masai boots by Doc Martens
Scarf from American Apparel

The Art: @ Wieden + Kennedy

It's 2012 and a new month... First Thursday in the Pearl.  Art, food, drinks, and fun.  

This month we stepped into Wieden + Kennedy office in the Pearl and got a glimpse of some great prints and photos.  Here is a peak.

Is this fate or did they really know I was going to be here...
I <3 Law & Order.

The Inspiration: Nicole Richie

Love the sparkly leggings and the blazer.  Mostly, the blazer.  That's definitely a must have.