Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Trend: Cat Eye Sunglasses

If you haven't noticed but Cat Eye Sunglasses are BIG! This season.  Well, I don't want to fall too behind the game but got me-self a pair of really cool white ones with animal print on the bottom from ASOS.  Loving them!  I don't know why but it is really hard to find white frame sunglasses that are cute.

Check out this style / trend alert from Glamour to get your cat eye fix.

The Random: Small Classic Cars and Old Big Places

Across the street from my office is this grandeur building that houses The University Club of Portland.  The building itself (inside and out) reminds me of an old English estate.  How ironic that this day this tiny classic was parked right in front of it.  Who was the owner? A musician, of course!

The Crave: Christian Louboutin Sex Pigalle 120MM

Wildly inappropriate but absolutely sexy... and a must have.  He has them in black and nude patent.  

The Trend: Ombre Nails

So I have been wondering how to DIY ombre nails at home.  Visited my Tumblr today and found great examples and step by step photos on how to do them.  For the full details, visit this website:  The Nail A Saurus