Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mon Voyage: Mount St. Helens & Tree Mold?

The tree mold.  Made from molten lava many years ago when St. Helens first erupted.  The molten lava flowed down and surrounded the trunk of the tree.  As the trunk burns up and the tree topples over, it left this empty mold of where a tree used to be.  These molds are everywhere!

There were tunnels all over this area.  Indians used to use them to store food.  Here I was, crawling around and exploring the lower tunnels created from lava yonder ago.

Off trekking! Two day hike through out Mt. St. Helens and its valleys.  This was the first day of our trip and what a gorgeous day it was! 

Look above! Miss St. Helens herself and the broken top that blew off the side of the mountain and onto everywhere else around it.

There are several trails.  This particular one leads to a cliff with a foot wide path that leads around the side of the mountain to another trail that goes to Spirit Lake.  Well, what used to be Spirit Lake.  When the mountain blew in 80's, the debris displaced the lake up 800 feet!  Anyways, I didn't make it to the lake... way too far.  Plus I was so freakin' afraid of falling off the cliff. 

A boulder from St. Helens, blown across the valley to this mountainside.

It was once a river... this is the debris from the volcano.  The trees down below are dying.  And sometimes you'll see a herd of elks walking across the way.

It's time to go SPELUNKING!

It was soooo dark... 

Cave ceiling... there is a trail up there too!

I didn't know we have a suspension bridge!

The Random: Snow Dayz!!

A little shout out to my friend, far away!! XOXOXO

S N O W.. S N O W.. S N O W .. S N O W

My photographer, for the most part, is quite reliable... except when snow is involved.  Look! There she goes, running off in the distant.

Well, here's a quick peek of my new dress that just arrived from ASOS today.  Can't wait to pull it off with my new platforms.  But for now, this will have to do.

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