Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Art: Cars of Bond, James Bond

Who isn't a fan of James Bond? 
Of course, probably every Brits are.  

Walking around London, trying to find my way to the Royal British Museum I ran into a hobby shop.  They had every Bond cars from every movie, on sale.  Of course, I had to buy it!  
But I only chose my favorite cars.

Why, helloooo Mr. Aston.

The Random: Alice in Wonderland drink me vile

Source: Wanelo
This is a pretty cool little gadget.  Love the key that comes along with it.  I smell... new accessory!

The Food: Salami

A new addition for foodies of Stumptown.. Oven + Shaker on NW Everett and NW 11th.  It is still in its infancy but boy does the service need to be spruced up a bit.

Pretty cool menu with vast choices of fork and finger foods with great prices.  The restaurant showcases Neapolitan style pizzas and street foods.  The above is the salami pizza with roasted chilies and a little drizzle of honey.  Quite interesting.

The Inspiration: Nike Air Jordans

A lucky soul... who would have thought that 
these sneakers would cause riots and brawls.  

If you're ever in Portland, check out the new Nike Town.  Upstairs, you will find a collection of Jordans from its infancy to adulthood...

Oh, and you'll see him suspended in the air too.

The Inspiration: Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

A little bummed... wait REALLY bummed that these looks by H&M never arrived in the Pacific NW.  Well,  specifically Portland.  Nonetheless, I have been inspired once again and will be searching for them.  Most importantly, Doc Martens must somehow be incorporated with the inspiration above.

On the shopping list:

Motorcycle leather pants

Denim vest, vintage wash

Slouchy sweat pants


Aaaand go!