Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Style: Prada Minimal Baroque

In conjunction with Vogue Talents, a subsidiary of Vogue Italy, Prada launched its Minimal Baroque lines of sunglasses this month.  To promote this line, the house have teamed up with eight young emerging talent.  They asked them to help create a comic-like pop culture pieces of art.  
Here are what the artists created.

Very interesting... a little out of this world on some but I am liking this purplish-black frames below.  The two frames on the balloons are pretty nice too.  Not so sure about black and white frames with an over exaggerated cat-eye... it's a little too Gaga for me.  

The style of these sunglasses were created for the Milan and Beijing shows, in the style of "deluxe rococo design." - Style.com

Source of photos: Courtesy of Prada, via Glamour.com and Style.comStyle.com

The Know: Hamburger Mary's Portland

Lately, we've been seeing her all over Portland.  Who is Hamburger Mary? Since 1972, she has served up in an open grill-bar delicious meat patties.  This historical joint originally started in San Francisco as an late night burger joint for the eclectics.  Each restaurant has its own unique look so you have to visit all of them to know the difference.  

I'm just thrilled to see her little statue all over Portland...  where will we find her next?

Source of pictures: Hamburger Mary's Portland Facebook