Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Inspiration: Bangs Galore!

Time for a hair-d-cut!  Well, a trim since it is time to grow out the mane for a change of style.  For some reason, it seems that bangs and the modernized bob is pretty popular this season.  Here some cool inspirations found on Become Gorgeous.  

Love the cut and color combo of these styles the best 
so had to share!


Favorite shoe of the day? My Prada loafers.

Speaking of Prada, have you seen their Spring 2012 Runway shoes? If not, check out this post Prada SS 2012

Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Saks already have pre-orders!  I can feel by blood pressure rising as I type this.

The Know: Beard Papa's

Guess what just opened at Uwajimaya in Beaverton? 

Beard Papa's Pastries!  

Ironically, I was there to grab some Pocky with the family this day and didn't know what the long line was about.  All I saw was puff pastries!  Needless to say, I too waited in line.  

It was pretty good but a little too much of the filling.  Best if these were eaten the same day purchased.  The next morning they were not as... puffy.

The Look: La Discothèque

It was freezing! I could hardly move around to pose.  Nonetheless, it was a great night to go out and hang with friends.  Part II of my birthday out weekend started off with drinks and dinner at Oven + Shaker.  The best drink ? Check out the Pineapple Train Wreck.  

 Decided to pull out the ole' American Apparel disco pants in silver and paired it with some bright colors.  These shoes are my favorite too.  I feel like I am walking on air because they're so comfy.  Definitely my dancin' shoes.

For today's look...
Zara blazer
ASOS sweater
American Apparel disco pants
Chanel bag
Necklace from Nordstrom
Joan & David pumps in electric blue

The Random: Mario's Portland Window Display

The picture does little justice to this cool, creative display.  In lieu of Portland International Film Festival, Mario's Portland got into it with their window display of neutral attire and old tele's.  Awesome.  Best viewed at night, however.