Monday, May 2, 2011

Canstruction - Oregon, Pioneer Place

Helping to feed the world, Canstruction is a non-profit organization in the U.S. that holds annual designs and build construction using only what? Canned food and boxed dry goods.  The competition is held in different cities all across the United States.  Once the winners have been declared, the winning canstructions are displayed for us to see.

These are the winners that I was lucky to run into a little over a week ago.  

Thousands of people without the food are helped where ever Canstruction competitions are held.  Not only that, it brings awareness to the issue of hunger to the local community.  The idea?  Use the designs to bring people in so they will "engage, amaze and inspire the community to work together raising canned food to feed hundreds of thousands hungry people."

Visit Canstruction website to view some amazing and inventive designs.  Below are just a few of what I found:



Summer is here, well almost here.  Getting ready for warm weather and lots of sunshine, kicked off the weekend with some great True Religion cutoff shorts (the Daisy dukes version).  To go with these shorts, how about a light weight plaid shirt from Levi's, underneath is the all wonderful and versatile American Apparel deep V-neck T-shirt, G-shock, and TIMBERLANDS!

Cutoff shorts are the favorites for summer and a great transitional piece into Fall too because you can still wear them with some nice tights or patterned hosiery.  Above are my two most favorite shorts: Vintage 501's and the True Religions.  If you don't want to break the bank for a True Religions, don't.  There are lots of other options:

Urban Renewal cutoff denim short, Urban Outfitters

Free People cutoff shorts,

American Eagle Patched Hi-Rise shortie
These are just a few examples.  Abercrombie & Fitch have some great selection of shorts as well.  Right now there are some great sales too.  The AE patched shorts are on sale for about $25!!

Jeffrey Campbell

Oh Jeffrey, Where art thou?  

My current summer shoe obsession? The Lita in Denim.  I just can't take my mind off of this shoe.  Denim + Shoes, in one? Why, yes please!  Where can I sign up for this? here I come.

Source:, Lita in Denim.  Exclusive to Singer22

For over 10 years, he has been delighting the feet of indie street wearers with wonderfully unique shoes.  Influenced with classic inspirations and a twist of modernity, Mr. Campbell has designed some of the best looking and fun shoes in today's pop culture.

Popularizing his footwear all over the U.S., the Jeffrey Campbell line is moving forth overseas with great speed.

Source, Skate
The Benched Shoes


For $194, this feet fancy wedge can be yours.  It is crazy!  Definitely an obsession that I have but not quite ready to take the plunge for this.  First of all, how soundly will the fit be? Did you notice the arch support, there is NONE!

Nonetheless, if a local store carry this and I can try them on I will definitely do it.  Another great inspiration from Mr. Jeffrey Campbell

Source: Karmaloop

The Ford Shoe... doesn't the shape remind you of a Ford Model-T from back in the day?


Why should you love Campbell shoes? Their concept is to make something for an everyday woman.  Girl on the go, moving through subways and walking steadily on the streets to her next appointment.  The result of this ideology is a great shoe.  

For Spring, try a pair his "Situation" pump in gray/white, beige/black, or pink/black patent.  It's a kitty heel with inspiration of the 50's.  It provides relief to our tired little feet after wearing so many high heel pumps.  Having variety is always a plus don't you think?

His shoes are not overly expensive but it will be over $100.  For the price, though, you get something that is unique with great draftsmanship and comfort.  Nordstrom carry some of his more "conservative" designs.  But if you're looking for something that is fashion forward check out sites like and  Be sure to check out their return policy before buying one, some sites are not so forgiving.  And know your size.
The Foxy Shoe