Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Crave: Black Milk's Beetlejuice Suspenders

Source: Black Milk

Really want these but they're sold out.  However, they do have the black ones which are pretty sick as well.  Have to admit, really loving Black Milk's designs right and totally craving them.

The Look: British Invasion

Adding a bit of a twist to my favorite look of denim & denim.  Inspired by my love of Agyness Deyn fun and cool street style.  Scrummaged through the closet and found this old denim coat I got almost ten years ago!  Never throw away your staples guys because certain things just never go out of style, no matter what.

For today's look:
Bowler hat (ASOS), denim jacket (Abercrombie & Fitch), checked button up flanel shirt (Levi), English flag belt (Urban Outfitters from my boyfriend's closet), boyfriend denim (Levi), Masai boots (Doc Marten).

Design Du Jour

Sometimes, like a lot of artists, inspiration an also come from just sketching shapes around.  This one I was playing around with curves and decided to design an evening dress that accents the lines and curves of the human body.  And I was watching Moulin Rouge so I was really into their costumes too.

The Know: Du Kuh Be Korean Noodles

Why do we love Portland? Because it never runs out of places to eat, for cheap. For two people, we hit this let night spot in Beaverton, Oregon, and order these hand made noodle stir fry dish.  It is so yummy.  The boy friend is crazy addicted to it.  But hurry, the close at 1 AM!!

The Random: Cambridge Satchel Neon!

Source: Romwe
Tomorrow, when I wake up, I would like to see one of every color in my closet.  Closing my eyes and going to sleep..... NOW!