Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Look: Two Faced [Part II]

And here is Two Faced Part II... a night walker.

I enjoy my evenings with a good glass of wine [or whiskey, whichever is closest to me] along with a very good cigar.  Yeah, I live in the U.S. so the chances of me really smoking a REALLY good Cuban cigar is so out of the question.  Nonetheless, Rich's Smoke Shop in Portland do carry some rad Dominican cigars that are oh so tasty.  In my mind, I lie to myself and trick my brain to think that it is in fact: Cuban.

Occasionally, a very rare occasion, will you see me handle a cigarette.  I Hate cigs... despise the taste of it and knowing the fact that I am breathing in rat poison makes me hate it even more.  But for the sake of this shoot.. I'll take a puff or two.




Nothing like chasing down a glass of Knob Creek 
with a bottle of Izzy soda.

My mysterious photographer whom I totally love and adore... you shall remain faceless so that your art work will not be affected.

I love my jewels... when I am Thailand I tend to stock up in them.  And why not, they're cheap and high in quality.  The ring in the middle is a De Beers design of champagne diamonds with two-toned metal of white and yellow gold.  My all time fave. ring.

The Look....

ASOS denim vest
Reverse cutout dress from Urban Outfitters
Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane, Karmaloop [the only place that carries the black]

The Look: Two Faced [Part I]

This particular dress by Reverse from Urban Outfitters have been on my mind since early March.  I've been going back and fourth, whether or not to buy it.  Well... I bought it.

The look that inspired me to make this purchase came from @badgalriri in her shoot for the Talk That Talk CD.  Not going to deny it but RiRi got swag and I like her sense of street style.  So, here's is my version of this look.  

This is Part I of II look of how I wore this dress: Day to Night.  In Part I,we have a day version.  The strategically placed cutout can be a bit too much for some of us to bare walking around town.  So, to give with a different perspective and vision of an alternate way to wear this dress I paired it with a cutoff T-shirt.  

Check it out...

Source: Upscale Hype




The shoot took place over the historic Burnside Bridge in PDX.  Below is this beautiful park and underneath the bridge [not shown] is the famous Saturday Market.  The Market is known to feature local artists selling their crafty goods.  From jewelry to clothes and dog treats... you can find some treasures down here.  And it is always busy!

Of course, it wouldn't be prudent if we did not include the famous White Stag "Portland Oregon" sign in our shoot.


This is me and my muse.
The only bad thing about layering the shirt underneath the dress is that the shirt tend to bunch up!  But, overall, it wasn't that big of a deal.

For the look....
ASOS cateye sunglasses with animal print bottom
Reverse cutout dress from Urban Outfitters
Sleeveless T-shirt from Urban Outfitters
Cross body purse, gifted
TBA flatform from Solestruck PDX