Friday, June 17, 2011

The Know: Two Tarts Bakery

Couldn't make it to the shop in time but so happy for the Portland Farmer's Market yesterday! Why? Because Two Tarts Bakery was there and I finally got this week's supply of macaroons! 

Since returning from Paris, no where in Portland makes the best macaroons than Two Tarts Bakery.  But that's not their only specialty.  Yesterday, purchased a box of dozens for $8 and went crazy!  Got two of the strawberry thump prints, cappuccino creams, carrot cake, oreo looking things, hazelnut something and macaroons (duh!). 

Check out their blog and see some of the amazing and delectable delights they have.  I know where I will be in about.... 5 minutes!

The Crave: Mr. Mustache w/ Ray Ban adjustable Ring

From Etsy.Com, The Smiling SilverSmith designs some of the most coolest, sleek sterling silver rings around!  Mr. Mustache is one of their newest member but check out their Etsy sight to see loads more. 

The ring is about $55 which is not that bad at all, considering the price of silver now a day.  This ring will be perfect for "Ms. Panda" because she wears Ray Ban and loves the Mustache app. on the iPhone.  You know who you are!