Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Location: Noble Rot

The Noble Rot = Botrytis Cinerea

It is the name of the grape fungus that help turns these fruity-licious fruit into 
sweet intoxication wines.

Noble Rot is a local wine bar that has been around since 2002.  It has transformed and have moved to this cool, environmentally and award winning LEED-Platinum certified building.  

This certification means that their building is the greenest!

When these pictures were taken, the restaurant was Rocket (French for arugula).  They grow all of their greens and herbs on top of the roof with enough bounty to last them most of the summer months.  Now, it houses The Noble Rot restaurant.  To get on top, you need to climb a ladder from their kitchen.  Ladies, be sure to wear pants.  It is a pretty tight climb.

What is so cool about this building? Besides the full city view, the building has its own aquifer that provides pure and tasty water for the garden

The Location: Reveille Ltd. Co., A Cool Vintage finds


Reveille Ltd. Co. NW 23rd Portland.  Walked into this new store on a whim Saturday. browsing through all of what they had found some really cool vintage finds.  If my wallet wasn't too small I would have swiped up all of those great scarfs!

They have pretty crazy collections of old leather jackets in the style of James Dean... mmm dreamy!  Plenty selections of vintage Chanel shoes and YSL.  I felt like Goldie Locks, it was either too big or too small.  Looking for a real 1960's shift dress? They have a couple of designs that are wonderfully retro. 


The old Ralph Lauren scarf would be nice now don't you think? There is this Sailor theme thing going too.

I wanted these Chanel kitty heels so badly! But, in the end it was too small.  
In pretty good condition too.

There once were three purses.
Who lived in old shelves.
One day a girl came and took one for herself.

The two top purses are vintage Givenchy (left) and a vintage Bally (right).  
There was a white Gucci sitting on this shelf earlier but someone bought it.

Got these genuine1950's Cat Eye shades from Reveille.  The cool part? The optometrist who owned it and changed the lens on them so my eyes are protected from the UV rays.

Oh, I had to have this Gucci.  It was in such great condition so I couldn't resist!

PEOPLE! at Zara, May Week #3

Here are this week's top looks from Zara PEOPLE! These are some great pieces that can we worn dressy or low-key.  Again, wish we have a Zara in Oregon.  If H&M can open stores here, why can't Zara??

Check out their recent looks at Zara's Lookbook.

The Know: LEGO Chrome Storm Trooper Cufflinks, by Cufflinks

O M G...

This is the cutest and coolest thing I have ever seen.  Etsy, I love you.  

Anyone of you Star Wars fan? (uh hmm, I am but shhh!) or Indiana Jones? Cufflinks at Etsy make cufflinks from LEGO as well as Scrabble pieces and old typewriter keys.  

Cufflinks... us ladies need to wear them more, just as much as men do.  They are great accessories that will really dress up your typical business wear.  They make such a statement about your personality and it is just a small way to express it in the office.    

And if you're looking for a great place to buy French-cuff dress shirts to go with your new cufflinks, I know just a few...
  • Banana Republic
  • Brooks Brothers  (and their outlets you have any near by)
In the meantime, take a look at some of his other creations:

The Random: Portland Farmer's Market Veggie Man?

It's the season of farmer's markets! Hooray, fresh fruits and veggies here I come.  

Every Wednesday and Saturday in Portland is our farmer's market.  There is also one in Beaverton, Oregon and many other places all over the cities and towns in Oregon.  
We are lucky to have such a bountiful land.  

Anyways.... here's something random.

Our season opened last week.  In honor, here is a picture from last year's farmer's market.  I can't wait to see what is in store this year!  Don't you just love it?

The Random: "I like my denim shorts short, skinny, and see through?"

Are you a true denim lover? Yes, then you are in order for a pair of these Diesel panties.

Believe it or not the fabric looks like thinly weaved denim.  The detail is immaculate, it looks like a pair of very short and racy Daisy Dukes.  The fit is great, very slimming.  Oh, wait I didn't try it on, I just assume it is very slimming.  It is such a Diesel piece.

The Runway: Oscar de la Rent Resort 2012

 What? Did she just say Resort 2012? Yes, yes I did.  

Mixing bits of his Spanish roots using the Cuban inspired flare along with a modernist touch of art from Picasso, de la Renta's Resort 2012 is full of romance and fun,

Oh don't worry, it is still very Oscar.  The feminine feel that is his signature may be placed in all of his looks.  It is sexy, bold and most were very practical and very ready to wear.  The Picasso comes through de la Renta's use of patterns and colors on his garments.  Doesn't it look just like Picasso's paintings in his later days?

So what was with the paper mache hats... artistic? Yes.  Practical? No, but it is still cute.  Perhaps that is a little touch of Picasso too.  Ok, no but may be a little.

Loving the pattern mixing above.  Polka dots shoes and stripes? Who would have thought?  
This is something regular people like us can wear.  

Ok, so minus the hat and you will see me in this out fit (look above).  Well, and look below too.  Definitely would go to work in these pants and off white sweater.  Very chic!

The perfect polka dot dress and red shoes combo... I think I am in love, again.

This one is like a mix of de la Renta and Chanel don't you think? Either way, I love this suit.  Powerful, yet feminine.  This is what I will close my next deal in.  Yup.

Yes, she is a Victoria Secret model (above).  And yes, this is a mighty fine swimsuit.  I am still searching for the right retro suit and I think I found it.  You will have to come back and ready about it.  

Hmmm..... I'm thinking, I'm still thinking..... not so sure about this one.