Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Know: Betsy & Iya

Live in Portland? Be sure to hit up Betsy & Iya's store on NW 24th and Thurman.  They have really cool jewelry [like above] and other knick knacks too.  From translucent cropped tops to denim backpacks and this handy and stylish fire starter kit in a test tube. Great place to buy uniquely Portland artsy gifts!

Not in Portland? Don't worry, hit up their website Betsy & Iya.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Crave: To Be Announced Justin [UPDATE]

So guess what came in the mail yesterday?

Yes, TBA Justin.

Thank you Solestruck and the really nice gal on the customer service phone line who talked me out of not cancelling by order.

I was really wary of the color.  The picture doesn't do it justice but these are amazing.  Love. Love. Love.

The Inspiration: S/S2012 Bralette, Crop Top and Skirts

The ready to wear runway of Prada and Dolce & Gabbana are quite inspiring! The colors, the patterns and the combination of bralette and high wasted skirts can't be beat.

The above pictures (from are my inspiration for a look that i can't wait to pull together.  To help me, are a couple of key pieces from Fairground.  These carousel themed garments and pastel colors are amazing and the fabric feel so great!

Can't wait to show y'all this look!!

Food: Just Mango from Trader Joe's

Want a great snack? Get these really delish Just Mango Slices at Trader Joe's.  Get this exact one because there's no sugar.  Trust me, you don't need it.  It is naturally good.

They also have a new mango snack, Green Mango.  This one is quite good, it is sweetened but the tartness of the dried green mangoes gives it a nice kick!

The Know: If you have't already, go see The Hunger Games!

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Know: Agent Provocateur

Ok ladies... [and gents] if you have not heard of Agent Provocateur, you should really look into it.  Their intimates and lingerie are so sexy, a bit provocative but with class! 

Similar to Chantal Thomas, Agent Provocateur [however, a British brand] makes really great pieces for all occasions.  Unlike the cutesy lingerie you see at Vicky's [Victoria Secret], their goal is to create pieces that are fashion forward.  You definitely will see it in the collection that they have now for Spring Summer 2012.  Go to their website and take a peak.

The Look: Beat It



Girls night out and bon voyage party for my besty.  She's heading to beach and sunshine of Santa Monica.  Will miss you Ms. Later!  But, kinda glad I will have a place stay when I head down to L.A.!

Continuing the love of flatforms, put on my TBA Kine Saturday night for an evening of standing, dancing, and jumping fun.  Wore the shoe with my beatlejuice skirt and a T.  

For today's look...

Bomber jacket from Nordstrom
Michael Jackson "Beat It" T-shirt, H&M
Beatlejuice skirt, H&M
Yellow suspenders, American Apparel
TBA Kine flatform, Solestruck
Socks, Forever 21

Arm candy:
Bracelets, Forever 21

Lip candy from NARS

Food: Nuvrei Patisserie & Cafe

After waiting for them to open their cafe the last year, we decided to stop in Nuvrei for a try on Sunday Funday.  

Of course, my only reason to head there was for their macaroons.  A co-worker had purchased them for us and I nearly fell out of my seat when I took my first bite.  It was so delicious!  Of course, nothing could beat the unrivaled taste of Ladurée but hey this is Portland, not Paris.  It is still quite delicious and is as airy as those we had in France.

They also have an extensive collection of baked goods as well as sandwiches.  If you're in Portland, be sure to stop in and try some.

P.S. I did asked if they make beignets.  Unfortunately, the location does not have room for deep frying but their future location will!  Can't wait.  I am in need of some really good beignets.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Food: Gloria's Secret Cafe

Nestled in the one block long SW Broadway of Beaverton, Oregon [considered to be Old Town Beaverton] is Gloria's Secret Cafe.  It is truly a secret but boy does she serve up delicious, homemade El Salvadorian dishes.  They look and taste traditional!

Her cafe is opened only lunch time but she will come and serve dinner if you make reservations ahead of time (of four or more).  

This past Saturday, we decided to sort of just "feel" out the restaurant and ordered safe.  I ordered the pork pupusas and my sister got the chicken mole.  Everything was so fresh and wonderfully seasoned.  The rice that came with the dishes doesn't look like it came out of a box but it was actually made from a rice cooker.  

We would have ordered tamales that are steamed in banana leaves but she was out of it that day.  Our table next to us ordered the daily special of a chicken dish simmered in some sort of chipotle sauce.  We asked ourselves why we didn't ask what the special was!  

No matter, we are definitely going back next weekend to try other dishes.  Specifically, the tilapia tacos.

DIY: Studded distressed shorts [Update]

Remember a week ago I decided to become a sort of a seamstress?  Yes, I took on a DIY project to create distressed, studded denim shorts.    

The studding and distressing part went very well.  However, when it came to bleaching... well, something went totally wrong!  The shorts I made [Click here to see post] was great until I bleached it.  Don't know what went wrong but perhaps I bleached it too long.  Anyhow, after I put it through the wash, the shorts came out looking like a g-string.  I kid you not.  Tempted to make it the first Levis 501 denim thong and sell it on e-bay.

So, I went fourth and created a new distressed shorts [above].  This time, instead of soaking it in bleach, I drizzled it with bleach and then brushed it off with a tooth brush [paint brush works well too].  This time, it came out much nicer.

The Know: Nars Schiap Lipstick

Ready for Spring/Summer?  Did you notice that season's runway shows were filled with wonderfully, colorful pouts.  From neon orange to bright pinks and berry colored tints.  Last year, Bobbi Brown had this great berry color called Cosmic Raspberry but unfortunately, it was a limited edition color and so they discontinued it.

MAC would of course have these fun colors but after purchasing their bright orange lip color a few months ago, I wasn't very impressed by the texture of the product.  I felt it to be a bit drying and required you to apply two or three times before the color would stay on.

Decided to stop at Nars counter and ran into this bright berry pink color.  What a great find it was!  The color is just so beautiful on and the texture feels great on the lips.  It wasn't drying either.  Received many compliments too.

Check our Nordstrom and try it on! A great way to add a little pop of color for it compliments well with nude, earthy make up.

The Look: Les Fleurs

Testing out the newly purchased To Be Announced [TBA] flatforms with my Vero Moda shirt dress.  Our first day of Spring in Oregon may have been filled with 3 inches of snow but our first Saturday of Spring was full of sunshine and warmth!

Celebrated the day in the park playing badminton and swinging in the swings.  Of course, I didn't play badminton in those flatforms.  That would have been tragic!

By the way, you can get those flatforms from Solestruck.  I'm normally a 6.5 US but these run narrow and small too.  I decided to get a 6 even though it slips off, slightly, in the back.  A little Dr. Scholls insert won't hurt.  

Today's look...
Prada Minimal Baroque sunglasses
Vero Moda shirt dress, from ASOS
Abercrombie & Fitch denim jacket
Forever 21 socks
To Be Announced Kline from Solestruck
Forever 21 assorted bracelets
Gucci watch

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mon Voyage: Mount St. Helens & Tree Mold?

The tree mold.  Made from molten lava many years ago when St. Helens first erupted.  The molten lava flowed down and surrounded the trunk of the tree.  As the trunk burns up and the tree topples over, it left this empty mold of where a tree used to be.  These molds are everywhere!

There were tunnels all over this area.  Indians used to use them to store food.  Here I was, crawling around and exploring the lower tunnels created from lava yonder ago.

Off trekking! Two day hike through out Mt. St. Helens and its valleys.  This was the first day of our trip and what a gorgeous day it was! 

Look above! Miss St. Helens herself and the broken top that blew off the side of the mountain and onto everywhere else around it.

There are several trails.  This particular one leads to a cliff with a foot wide path that leads around the side of the mountain to another trail that goes to Spirit Lake.  Well, what used to be Spirit Lake.  When the mountain blew in 80's, the debris displaced the lake up 800 feet!  Anyways, I didn't make it to the lake... way too far.  Plus I was so freakin' afraid of falling off the cliff. 

A boulder from St. Helens, blown across the valley to this mountainside.

It was once a river... this is the debris from the volcano.  The trees down below are dying.  And sometimes you'll see a herd of elks walking across the way.

It's time to go SPELUNKING!

It was soooo dark... 

Cave ceiling... there is a trail up there too!

I didn't know we have a suspension bridge!