Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Trend: Summer Pieces

Summer is almost half way over so if you are lucky enough to Mr. Sun shining on you, be sure you have some key summer pieces stocked up.

A nice pair of short shorts are always in style for summer.  This season is all about reinventing classic pieces and accessorizing them right with over the top purse or shoes.  Summer sales are abundant and Diesel was no exception.  This is when I stock up on key summer denim.  Got this linen blended denim shorts, high waisted for about $45.  Paired it with a Levi denim bralette and threw in some funky chunky wooden heels.

How about something for these hot summer nights? The Levi bralette can be worn with these American Apparel red hot shorts, a white blazer and really nice heels.  In the picture, we have the denim JC Lita but a nice pair of black patent pumps would look just as nice.  

The Know: DEF Malachite Bracelet from Simmons Jewelry Co.

Dubbed the "green bracelet", this rough diamond-malachite bead combo represents the initiative of DEF: Diamond Empowerment Fund.  The bracelet was created by Russell Simmons for Simmons Jewelry Co. to help those African nations rich in diamonds improve their educational initiatives and to empower the people.

Why green? It is the color of Africa, representing the rich natural resources the continent carries.  

Such simplicity yet a great addition for my collection.  Kudos to this guy who wore it to the Adidas Do Over Portland last Sunday!

The Music: Keane - Somewhere Only We Know

And if you have a minute why don't we go
Talk about it somewhere only we know?
This could be the end of everything
So why don't we go
Somewhere only we know?

The Looks: This $%@ is Bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

How do you stay cool during hot summer days? Why with shorts and chiffon of course!  Throw in some crazy wooden heels with bright accessories and BAM! 

American Apparel have some awesome collection of light and cool chiffon items.  Check them out.  You can also got Urban Outfitters, ASOS, and Forever 21.  Personally, American Apparel have some great colors and simple styles that can be worn in so many ways.

The Looks:
American Apparel chiffon top in yellow
Diesel linen blend shorts
Levi denim bralette
Jeffrey Campbell fruit heels
Ray Ban sunglasses
Urban Outfitters belt
Purse purchased from a flea market in Texas

The Random: Pirate's Booty, argh!

Nothing says all natural like some Pirate's Booty....

...Aged white cheddar popcorn that is!  Argh!!

2 for $6 at Fred Meyer, get them while they're hot!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Trend: Asian Inspired Accessories

Designers are looking to the Far East for inspirations.  Lately, I've seen some cute dresses and tops that are inspired by Kimonos and wooden sandals.  Here are some top picks that showed us... but remember, these are just for your inspiration.  Take a look around and you will find lots of Asian inspired accessories for a fraction of the price.

ASOS have some great Kimono dresses and cardigan.  So does Urban Outfitters.  Don't forget to look at Forever 21, I know they have a bunch of accessories with Asian inspired figurines and animals right now.

Got puffy eyes... lets try these out!  I will be sure to look for them on my next visit to Uwajimaya.


The Crave: Color blocking shoes

Earlier this week, The Crave was for these hot pink/fuchsia Casadei heels.  Ever since I saw that shoe I became inspired for pumps that are like them.  

Here are my current craves and I must have them... just need to figure out which ones or perhaps BOTH???
Jeffrey Campbell Garrett at Solestruck for $144.95
ASOS Heist platform bow sandals for $112.05


The Icon: Beauties of the Depression Era

The Depression Era was, well, depressing.  Times were tough and resources (food and necessities) were scarce.  Yet, through these times, came inventions and ideas that helped people cope through it all.  Like everyone, event he glam entertainment industry was hit hard with tight budgets.  Extravagant clothing and gowns had to change because fabric was in short supply.  That's when you see starlets like Claudette Colbert, Myrna Loy and Jean Harlow "hemlines dropped like the Dow."

Dresses had tighter silhouettes and the lining were non-existence.  Sometimes women even skipped underwear! Like Josephine Baker, who often played her feminine roles in nothing at all... Lindsey and Britney were not the first to go without their panties after all.

To that end, here are some photos of some of our most stylish icons of the Depression Era....

Photo: George Hoyningen-Huene
Photo: Paramount/John Kobal Collection

Photo: MGM/John Kobal Collection/George Hurrell

Photo: John Kobal Collection/Getty Images

Photo: RKO/John Kobal Collection

Photo: Peter Stackpole/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images
For the full slide show, check out

Source:, Alison Baenen

The Random: Up!

Source: The Oregonian 
Source: Science Blog
Only in Oregon, and proud of it!

Portland resident and lawyer Randal Acker celebrated on Thursday his win over TriMet (public transportation in Portland) when in 2007 tried to acquire his house under eminent domain.  At that time, TriMet was purchasing up homes similar to Acker that were sitting on land that it was going to use to create a turn-a-round for the streetcar.  Acker, specializing in commercial litigation, refuses to give in and fought against TriMet until it dropped the case in 2008.  

His 1894 Queen Anne Victorian house is the last historical building sitting in the middle of taller glass buildings.  Acker's plight is like that of Up! And what better way to help celebrate his success but to emulate it.  He purchased 400 helium balloons and achored them to his house.  The result: life imitating art... or is it the other way around?


The Random: Christian Louboutin Ballerina Pumps

And so he does it again but this time who, other than ballerinas, can wear these?  No worries ladies, no need to rush to the nearest plastic surgeon because Christian Louboutin only designed these heels (inspired by ballerinas’ toe shoes) to raise money for the English National Ballet.

Pretty nice one to have in your closet nonetheless, don't you agree?

Source: Grazia Daily, via

The Know: VEVO Application for iPhone

If you are like me, you like to watch high quality music videos like you can at home on your PC or Mac but on your iPhone then you should know that VEVO now has its own app. for iPhone.

You can create playlists and search all of your favorite artist and songs without connecting to Youtube.  This was one of the best discovery in June and thus I shall pass this knowledge on to you.  That way you too can enjoy searching and watching music videos... not while you're driving, I hope.


PEOPLE! June Week 3 @

Well the Zara PEOPLE is winding down and the last week of June was a slim picking.  Some of the looks were a little bit repetitive but these were the standouts.  The favorite is the the ethnic print pants, the last picture.  Something crazy and fun but put together in a nice and simple way.  For goodness sake, the pants itself is a statement piece!

The chambray shirt for the men is very nice too.  Well put together: opened shirt worn with a nice white v-neck T.  Everyone needs a white t-shirt, or two, in their closet.

The Random: Lenny Kravitz and iPhone hand set?

Source: TMZ via Bossip
Now this is pretty interesting don't you think? Lenny Kravitz is missing the old with the new, just my kind of style! He's got an ancient coiled telephone handset hooked up to his iPhone 4... c-r-a-z-y cool!

Where can I get one of these thang???

The Know: Summer Shorts, Bralettes and Wooden Heels

Levi bralette, Diesel shorts, purse from a boutique in Texas,  and wooden platforms (brand name has faded)

Levi bralette, American Apparel disco shorts, Bebe blazer, and Jeffrey Campbell Lita in denim

Summer is here! Hope all of you been working out during spring so those sexy legs can be seen.  

Hot shorts and sexy tops are the typical staples of summer.  This year, venture out a little and pair your shorts with bralettes.  Venture a little more and get yourself a pair of denim ones.  Levi has this cute halter bralette for about $40.  Urban Outfitters carry the same ones.  There are also lace ones and cotton ones that you can get.

How can you wear these bralettes without looking like you just finished a show at Moulin Rouge? Pair them with a sheer top or light cardigan.  Wear them with high waisted shorts or light summer pants.  The possibilities are endless!

Here are a couple of ideas to help you get a kick start.  These are just a few pieces that I found rummaging through my closet.  Except the Diesel denim shorts... those were purchased today for a steal! And they're super comfy!

Friday, July 1, 2011

The Crave: Don Draper!

Woe is me! Woe is me! Mad Men postponed for an entire season.  Gosh darn A&E, disputing over commercial time with the creator/writer.  Who needs commercials? That's why I have DVR! 

Nevertheless, this show is probably one of the best show on T.V. today.  The detail is frighteningly real... so real some can't even watch it because it just shows how demeaning women were treated back in the day.  But boy do I like the minibar in the offices... why did that rule go away?  If you haven't seen this then you better get Netflix and start catching up!

Woe is me! Mad Men, please return soon.  It wouldn't be a complete summer without you!!  And Don Draper, you are sexy!!!!

The Looks: Blooming pink petals maxi dress

A great end to the week: flats and maxi dress.  There's nothing like a flowing flora maxi dress on a humid day.  Finally! Relaxation.

The Looks:

Banana Republic maxi dress
Weave basket purse from Thailand
Ray Ban cat eye sunglasses
BP from Nordstrom flats

The Looks: 60's Mod & Fancy Cars

It was a night of be remembered. As part of the Young Society of the Portland Art Museum, I was invited to attend a private tour 16 automobile wonders.  Some of these cars are very rare!  My favorite? The Bugatti and the Mercedes SLR300.  If someone proposed to me with a Bugatti I would say yes right away... yes, I would.  

The evening was fun filled starting out at the Oregon Historical Society for wine and light fare.  We saw Formula One cars that had a direct link to Oregon.  Did you know that the F1 engine used to be in the back until an Oregonian decided to move them to the front? By doing so, it increase the speed of the vehicle on the tracks!  And guess this... the man who did this is still alive and kicking in Oregon!

Check out my full post of the Allure of the Automobile exhibit running now at the Portland Art Museum, one of two museum in the United States to be show casing these rare cars.

The Looks:

ASOS pleated blue dress
Cole Hans clutch
Yves Saint Laurent shoes
H&M earrings and ring