Monday, October 31, 2011

The Crave: Fiat 500C

Sigh...sniff sniff...

That is all.

The Inspiration: Big Totes & Pencil Skirts

Her and I have the same idea.... this crazy leather tote! Saw it at Zara and knew that it is a must have.  See you very soon!

Oh! The shoes aren't bad either... perfect height for a short girl like me.

Source: Face Hunter: PARIS - fashion week ss 12, bonus 4

Source: The Sartorialist
Have been toying an idea of the above outfit for a while.  She put it all together just like I imagined.  Love, love this simple look.  What pulls it all together are:

The blue clutch
Ankle socks
The blue top doesn't hurt either

The Movie: Little Miss Sunshine

This has got to be one of my favorite movies of all time... Give me fierce! Grrr!!

The Classics: Little Shop of Horror

So funny!! Why can't scary movies be musicals?

Happy Halloween!

Here's a little Michael Jackson to help celebrate Halloween.