Friday, April 22, 2011

Waiting for train to come...

Sunny day has finally arrived! Loving the color of choice this season so decided to pair these orange peg leg high waisted pants with some bright polka dots cropped top.  And why not? Playing with colors is the game this year so lets play!

Today's outfit:

California Select vintage fabric crop top from American Apparel
ASOS peg leg, high waisted pants with belt in orange
Free People mohair cardigan
Christian Louboutin Bianca
Ray Ban aviators in gold frames and light blue lenses (bought it right off the mannequin himself)!

Tangerine Treeehouse

Tangerine Treehouse is a very unique jewelry making, headbadge banging kind of place.  If you are looking for a really unique piece of jewelry with a story to go with it, come check out Tangerine's work.  They are usually one of a kind design made from recycled metals, organic materials, and designed by a traveling artist and author: Laura Crawford.

This Spring, Laura and her partner have re-started their peddling bike trip across United States once more.  Her first trip began in July 2009 that took 15 months and 10,000 miles across the country.  Her Path Less Pedaled blog chronicles her trips to the wonderous places in the U.S.  Through this journey, Laura found inspiration, made new friends, and gathered materials for her artful pieces.

Her works are all hand made, using traditional metalworking tools she carry with her on the bicycle trip adventure.  The organic material you see in her necklaces can be anything from plants like seeds and leaves.  

As she cycles through the vast landscape and towns, Laura uses her trusty map to help navigate her way.  When these maps are no longer needed, it becomes part of her jewelry.

Most notable of her work are the headbadges.  What are they? Take a look here...

What to buy her works? Visit her Etsy: Tangerine Treehouse.

Romp Romp Romp Rompers!

Spring is here, Summer is not too far off.  Everyone will soon be lounging in the sunshine, sitting at the beach or partying it up on a boat.  So, lets get your wardrobe freshened up and start thinking about Rompers and Jumpsuits. 

Rompers are so much fun and adds to your closet two pieces of clothing with just one, like a 2 for 1 deal! You get a top and pants and only have to pay once.  The only thing you need to do is accessorize your outfit a bit with some kick butt cardigans, fedora, handbag, and/or some cool jewels.  Don't over do it though. 

Heritage 1981 Trible Ruffled Romper

Forever 21 Floral Woven Romper

Forever 21 Strapless Romper with Belt

Heritage 1981 Vintaged Mock Wrapped Romper

Forever 21 Overall Denim Romper

Forever 21 Chambray Sweetheart romper

Forever 21 have some of the best selections out there, especially for the price.  There are some really cute ones online and so much selection so go to their website to see more.  Loving the two denim rompers above, going to get one myself!

Another great place for really off the beat rompers and jumpsuits is Urban Outfitters.  They were one of the very first stores to showcase some really cool, fashion forward rompers before any other places.  Three years ago, this was one of the place that had great selections of this trendy piece.

Sparkle & Fade Wide Leg Knit Jumper

Pins & Needles Voile Romper

Kimchi Blue '70's Silky Jumper

Sparkle & Fade Colorful Tribal Romper

Don't hold back! Go for the colorful patters and have fun.  And if you do, minimize the accessories.  You don't want to look like a walking Picasso painting.