Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Crave: To Be Announced Justin

If you really have to buy a shoe this season (just one), get anything platform lace-ups.  They are definitely the IT shoe this season and every girl needs one.  This is going to be in my "cart" from Solestruck in about..... DONE, purchase confirmed.  

See you soon TBA!!

The Trend: A Little Metal

H&M have a great selection of a metallic pieces this SS2012 season.  Here are some of the pieces that I found to be quite classic vs. hokey.

Really love the whole full skirt + platform oxfords look.  I saw this look on a runway show last month but can't seem to recall the designer! Urgh!  It was really inspiring and I would like to put a look together using that idea.  

Anyways, on my way to H&M to get this skirt.

Yeah, I dig this out fit too [above].

The Random

The Crave: Dior Cat Eye Glasses

These have got to be one of my best buy this year.  These frames are so cute on and light!  Any who, got them in the mail like a month ago but didn't get to see the eye doctor until last week.  Then they told me it would take another two weeks to complete the prescription.  But on Monday I received a call that the frames are ready to be picked up Tuesday.  Whoa! What an awesome surprise.    

Well, here they are.  So in love... once again.

And just for laughs, since I am a huge fan of Criminal Minds... 
Dr. Spencer Reed and I look like twins!!