Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Safari through Chateau de Versailles

Chateau de Versailles is HUGE!  Lots of ground to cover calls for a stylish yet comfortably wear.  Layering is also very important.

Ray Bans sunglasses, American Apparel lace bodysuit in black, underneath is American Apparel nude bodysuit, American Apparel vintage silk scarf, Urban Outfitters shorts, Born boots, and leggings from a flea market in France.

Jumpin' denim!

Jessica Alba in Janiesse Auriela Denim Jumpsuit,
Keri Hillson in Matthew Williamson jumpsuit,

Rihanna in Levi X Jean Paul Gaultier Overalls, Spring/Summer 2010 collection,

Ellen Pompeo in a zipped up denim jumpsuit,
 Walking at Target today, inspiration was drawn upon when a young women walked by well coiffed in this cute denim jumpsuit, leather booties and a neutral toned leather tote. 

Above are some celebrities inspiration for this classic look as we head into this Spring/Summer necessity.  The last look of Ellen Pompeo, personally, is highly not recommended.  It just doesn't look flattering.

Here are some nicely priced jumpsuits that I found on today.