Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Random: Gaga Pumpkins

Ready for Gaga?  Look at these crazy, creative Halloween pumpkins.

Talk about awesome carving skills... how detailed!

Well, the pumpkin is ok... a little painting to make the face would have been nice.  But big points for the hat!  

Uhhhhh....  ok.


The Inspiration: Pearls, pearls and more pearls

I love winter... for the fact that I can wear black everyday! Not that I can't in the summer but black in winter is more appropriate don't you think?

Today's inspiration?

Red lipstick
Layers of pearls
Faux hawk

Tried to replicate the faux hawk but it is quite difficult for stubborn, coarse hair.  Plus, the sides are long on my head compared to the pic. below.  Not ready to take the plunge and shave it off yet... YET.

The Know: Victoria Secret's Angels are Holiday Ready... Are you?

Shooting in Prague, the VS Angels are getting geared up for their annual Holiday show on November 29th.  The guest performer this year? Mr. Kanye West.

The Look: An American Revolution

Like Chevrolet, American designers too have made their own revolution in the world of fashion.  Some of the most revolutionary contributors to today's style are seen in today's The Look:

American Apparel
Jeffrey Campbell

These brands above are influences and contributes a large part to today's street style fashionistas, just like YOU. 

The Look:
Frenchi white silk shirt, Nordstrom BP
American Apparel 3-D Rose jumper, black
Hermes belt
Levi 's boyfriend denim shorts
H&M Divided leopard tights
Jeffrey Campbell Lita in denim
Prada minimum Baroque sunglasses

The Music: We Found Love, Rihanna

FLASH SALE! Sunday 10-30-11, ASOS

Need a coat? Check out this timed sale this Sunday on ASOS... everyone loves a deal.

Here's a couple of sneak peaks for Sunday.

Loving the blue, tailored coat.  How stylish!

The Random: SpongeBob on Golf

Work can be stressful.  So hit a golf ball that looks like SpongeBob.

Started golf lessons.  Hang on SpongeBob, I will hit thee once I can actually hit the ball.  On a side note, my swing is great!

PEOPLE! Zara October Week 1 - 4

Just a little bit behind this Fall, do forgive me.  Nonetheless, here are the key details for all four weeks in October.  To view more pictures go to Zara.  And if you feel like buying something, guess what Zara Online is now available in the U.S.A!

Portfolio clutches
Statement necklace
Check (plaid) pieces
Neutrals (of course!)
Tweed with a twist
Sequins, sequins, sequins
Snake patterns
And color blocking continues!! Yellows and greens....

The Random: Halloween 2011 - The Milkman

Who said we are too old to dress up?  Check out this clever costume... Most of us have white pants, dress shirts, black belt, a bow tie (may be) and black shoes.  All you need are the finishing touches.... 

Milkman hat $14
Farm fresh milk $4.50/each (including bottle deposit)
I Love Oregon sticker $2.99
Wine tote from Fred Meyers... from previous wine purchase

The Know: Nail Magic

Chanel Le Vernis in Coco Blue + Sally Hansen Nail Pen in black

Sephora by OPI nail + Sally Hansen Nail Pen in black

Got the fever to do something different with the nails.  Most nail salons won't do this for you because it takes too long.  So, DIY!  No problem, it was much easier than first thought... thanks to the Sally Hansen Nail Pen.  You can purchase the pen at any drugstore near you.  They have lots of colors to choose from too.

To help set the colors in sooner so you don't ruin your hard work, get this:

Sephora by OPI Nail Drying Drops.  This stuff is the best!  $14.

The Know: Versace for H&M

In stores November 19th... Versace for H&M

Here is a quick sneak peak but go to the source to view the full collection, here: H&M

Love the color scheme on this dress.  It reminds me of a Chinese Qipao dress worn in Shanghai.

I can see Rihanna in the black dress above.  So simple and classic... the perfect LBD for your closet.  And the gold hardware, forget about it!! Va-va-voom!

The idea of contrasting patterns/designs of the above dress is pretty cool.  Uh... did anyone notice the color-pattern scheme? Does it remind you of any dress? Like the one J-Lo worn a few years back... the deep v-neck one? Yeah... mm hmm.

Um... Helloooo! New Years Eve dress anyone? Yes, please.  This dress is great.  Purple is my favorite color.  This dress has the right combinations.  I just want to try it on and see the material before I fully decide if this will be my NYE dress.

The Look: Biggest Fan... Go Ducks!

At the U of O Ducks vs. Arizona State game.  Style has no boundary... go fourth!  

What do we have on today?

U of O Duck fleece hat... show stopper!
American Apparel 3-D Rose jumper in black
Paige Premium skinny denim
Born riding boots, from Nordstrom
ASOS satchel
Solo cup with Jack Daniels and Coca Cola

The Look: Meoooow!

After taking a way too long of a break... I'm back! 

With that, my apologies.  For those of you who frequented Not Made to Measure and wondered why Mad Men Style was up for so long and nothing new has been posted... well, my bad.  Just been too busy and not making enough effort.  And so... here we go! 

Fall is here! It is so beautiful in Oregon right now.  Beautiful foliage of reds, yellows, oranges and green! What better way to help celebrate but to embrace it with complementary colors.  Today we have:

Vero Moda long leopard button up shirt, ASOS.
Bebe skinny trouser pants.
Joan & David booties, Nordstrom.
Tasha layered chain choker necklace, Nordstrom