Thursday, March 10, 2011

Color Blocked & Peg Legs

Rihanna in orange peg pants,
Aside from the orange hair, Rihanna has a great sense of style.

Spring is not far off.  This season is filled with great feminine styles and easy to do color blocks.  Who knew orange and purple would be such a nice couple?

Your Key: Keep it simple.  Start with two color blocks.  If your outfit is flashy, keep your feet simple with a chic pump.  Remember: You are not Rihanna, you are you so where what flatters your style.

Using the photo above as a base....

Motel Disco Metallic Dot Crop Sweater

Asos Belted Peg Leg Pants - Orange

Yves Saint Laurent Palais Suede Fur-Trimmed Pumps

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