Wednesday, April 6, 2011

DVB Dress? No, but close!


This dress is awesome! I love Victoria Beckham's style and her line of clothes.  However, they are not quite affordable for the style and PRICE conscious individuals like us.  Check at Net-a-Porter, the dress is being priced at $1,494 now but really it's full price is $2,135.  So where can one purchase a dress like the DVB dress, under $50 with free shipping? At ASOS of course.

The material has a good stretch on them so buy it in your actual size.  Definitely verify ASOS's size guide because things there do run smaller.  They do wrinkle pretty good after an 8 hour but it looks so flattering.

At the end of the day, you will love this great buy.  The silhouette is so classic so you will get great wear out of it.  It is definitely and eternal style.

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