Monday, April 25, 2011


Did you know...

  • 1 billion of people on Earth have no access to clean drinking water (that is 1 out of every 8 people).  
  • 63% of the world's population have access to improved sanitation.
  • Over 50% of all water projects fail in the first few years.
  • 70% of the world's fresh water supply is devoted to agriculture.
  • Half of the world's hospitalizations are due to water related diseases.
  • The ancient Romans had better water quality than half of today's population.
It's easy to take a thing like good drinking water for granted.  When you live in a developed country with access to good sanitation and oversight, little things such as this are not thought of.  We are all part of a global  community.  This means our responsibility to help others doesn't stop within just our borders.  Little changes in our behavior can help improve the lives of others, where they do depend on access to clean sanitation and drinking water.  

On March 22nd, Levi's launched the LEVI'S® WATER<LESS™ program along with to help reduce the amount of water used to create AND maintain their products.  Their manufacturing process allows them to use 28% less water and as much as 96% less in some of their product lines.  But they can't do it alone, they need our help too!  Did you know if you wash you jeans just once a week you could help save 848,500,500 gallons of water? Well, I probably wash my jeans every two weeks because: 1. I don't wear them that often so they don't get dirty and 2. It helps keep my jeans last longer, color and all.

Granted these pieces are just for men but it won't surprise me if women's jeans are not too far away.  Here are some samples of there Levi's Water<Less denim:

Matchstick jeans

501's Original, Ghost Grey

Slip fit Trucker jacket - Raw Selvedge

Slim Fit denim jacket, Magnetic

501's Original, 90 Days

This diagram is pretty cool to look at...

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