Saturday, April 2, 2011


A wonderful concept! Vintage dresses in a vintage bus.

This fun and quirky dress shop is owed by the ever so charming Portlander: Erin Sutherland.  Her official title: Conductress.

This wonderful vintage double-decker bus is filled with awesome vintage ladies dresses, hats, shoes, accessories, and more.  Guys, don't worry there are plenty of finds for you too.  Erin has an amazing collection of vintage Pendleton wears from blazers, jackets, to retro flannels.  Forget going to stores to find ones that are new but made to look vintage.  Get the real thing here.

Here are some of the cool finds I purchased today:

Found a really cool Pendleton red blazer with really cute buttons.  Needs some slight alterations though so will be taking them to the ladies of DZ Alterations.

The dress is super retro.  Like it is from the 60's.  The silky texture, low back and bow clasp are just amazing.  It is a dress you would see on Mad Men on AMC.  The small set back is a little circle stain.  But not to worry! This dress is about to be updated.  The length will become over the knee (instead of below the knee as it is currently).  It will be so chic!

The last item is the red leather pouch.  This sort of pouch is becoming quite popular, especially this season.  Something like this is being sold at American Apparel for $50... I got this for $8.  A Deal? Yes.


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