Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Location: Lithia Springs Resort

Deep withing the grounds of the resort are bubbling pools of soft mineral water.  Piped into a two person whirlpool (or one person) in the privacy of your cottage, relax and sooth your aching body in the natural spring water.  The Indians discovered this hot spring long before the Europeans and used it as a common ground where all members of the various tribes can enjoy.  So leave your disputes at home and come relax at the most relaxing resort I have ever been!

We spent two nights in the Irish Cottage suites and what relaxing nights they were!  No TV, just a stereo.  Well, we decided we couldn't live without a tele so I took out my handy laptop and thank goodness for the Netflix subscription!  So it was a relaxing weekend of hot spring water and Law & Order marathon.

Everything about Lithia Springs Resort was great.  You probably think that its a quaint little town thing but this resort is not like any other!  It is very, very clean! The rooms are well stocked with towels and the amenities you'll need to relax.  You get complementary wine, breakfast and afternoon tea.  It was so wonderful that I must say I will be back when the next season of the Shakespearean festival in 2012 commences.

Besides the relaxing accommodations, the beautiful 4 acres of gardens and koi ponds will sure keep you busy looking and picture taking.  We were a bit early for the summer flowers but there were plentiful of Irises and wisterias.  The ground was so well kept I hardly wanted to walk around it.

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