Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Trend: Summer Pieces

Summer is almost half way over so if you are lucky enough to Mr. Sun shining on you, be sure you have some key summer pieces stocked up.

A nice pair of short shorts are always in style for summer.  This season is all about reinventing classic pieces and accessorizing them right with over the top purse or shoes.  Summer sales are abundant and Diesel was no exception.  This is when I stock up on key summer denim.  Got this linen blended denim shorts, high waisted for about $45.  Paired it with a Levi denim bralette and threw in some funky chunky wooden heels.

How about something for these hot summer nights? The Levi bralette can be worn with these American Apparel red hot shorts, a white blazer and really nice heels.  In the picture, we have the denim JC Lita but a nice pair of black patent pumps would look just as nice.  

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