Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Know: Mad Men Style for Banana Republic

Why do is Fall the best season ever? Because that's when the stylish fashions just seem to fall from all directions, like leaves from trees!

The Style Fairies must have heard by wishes because finally the first ever, and VERY LIMITED, Mad Men styles are arriving at Banana Republic this Fall.  This is an actual collaboration between Banana and AMC.  Check out the items below.... so classic!  

Don Draper, I am still waiting for you to call me....

LOVE the first gray suit on the left and right.  So sexy!

The cowl neck black dress is va-va-VOOM!

Which one don't I like? NONE.

There is a special launch in select Banana stores on August 11th, martini's and all... visit Banana Republic for location and times.

source: Tom and Lorenzo


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  2. I hope that more men dress like this!


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