Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Know: Versace for H&M

In stores November 19th... Versace for H&M

Here is a quick sneak peak but go to the source to view the full collection, here: H&M

Love the color scheme on this dress.  It reminds me of a Chinese Qipao dress worn in Shanghai.

I can see Rihanna in the black dress above.  So simple and classic... the perfect LBD for your closet.  And the gold hardware, forget about it!! Va-va-voom!

The idea of contrasting patterns/designs of the above dress is pretty cool.  Uh... did anyone notice the color-pattern scheme? Does it remind you of any dress? Like the one J-Lo worn a few years back... the deep v-neck one? Yeah... mm hmm.

Um... Helloooo! New Years Eve dress anyone? Yes, please.  This dress is great.  Purple is my favorite color.  This dress has the right combinations.  I just want to try it on and see the material before I fully decide if this will be my NYE dress.

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