Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Crave: There's Something About Velvet

There is nothing like velvet to say Merry Christmas!  It is like the traditional, staple of the holiday season to have some sort of velvet wear for your wardrobe.

No matter how you feel about velvet, you should still take a moment to look at them and perhaps buy a piece.  The key: keep it simple! Here are just a few simple, velvety pieces.

American Apparel have pretty good selections of your basic velvet wear.  This pencil skirt is just what a girl needs in her closet.  

And who doesn't need a blue velvet dress?? This classic cut is perfect for most of everyone out there who is willing to give it a go.  This dress can be worn basic as this or dress it up with some nice bling, shocking shoes or tuxedo jacket.  Give it a try.  Again, hit up American Apparel.

And boys... don't worry, there is velvet for you too.  It's so sexy when worn right.  I love how the gentleman on the left kept things simple.  He can wear this jacket even two years from now.  And the purple one is great too!  LOVE!  No need to tell you where to go... H&M.

Not ready for the velvet jacket, try a pair of Tom's instead.  Nordstrom has this exclusively, of course on Tom's website too.  Saw it in person at a Nordstrom store... they have them in blue!!

Want to me adventurous? Love these two looks below from Free People.

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