Monday, March 26, 2012

Food: Nuvrei Patisserie & Cafe

After waiting for them to open their cafe the last year, we decided to stop in Nuvrei for a try on Sunday Funday.  

Of course, my only reason to head there was for their macaroons.  A co-worker had purchased them for us and I nearly fell out of my seat when I took my first bite.  It was so delicious!  Of course, nothing could beat the unrivaled taste of Ladurée but hey this is Portland, not Paris.  It is still quite delicious and is as airy as those we had in France.

They also have an extensive collection of baked goods as well as sandwiches.  If you're in Portland, be sure to stop in and try some.

P.S. I did asked if they make beignets.  Unfortunately, the location does not have room for deep frying but their future location will!  Can't wait.  I am in need of some really good beignets.

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