Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jumpin' denim!

Jessica Alba in Janiesse Auriela Denim Jumpsuit,
Keri Hillson in Matthew Williamson jumpsuit,

Rihanna in Levi X Jean Paul Gaultier Overalls, Spring/Summer 2010 collection,

Ellen Pompeo in a zipped up denim jumpsuit,
 Walking at Target today, inspiration was drawn upon when a young women walked by well coiffed in this cute denim jumpsuit, leather booties and a neutral toned leather tote. 

Above are some celebrities inspiration for this classic look as we head into this Spring/Summer necessity.  The last look of Ellen Pompeo, personally, is highly not recommended.  It just doesn't look flattering.

Here are some nicely priced jumpsuits that I found on today.

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