Monday, May 2, 2011

Canstruction - Oregon, Pioneer Place

Helping to feed the world, Canstruction is a non-profit organization in the U.S. that holds annual designs and build construction using only what? Canned food and boxed dry goods.  The competition is held in different cities all across the United States.  Once the winners have been declared, the winning canstructions are displayed for us to see.

These are the winners that I was lucky to run into a little over a week ago.  

Thousands of people without the food are helped where ever Canstruction competitions are held.  Not only that, it brings awareness to the issue of hunger to the local community.  The idea?  Use the designs to bring people in so they will "engage, amaze and inspire the community to work together raising canned food to feed hundreds of thousands hungry people."

Visit Canstruction website to view some amazing and inventive designs.  Below are just a few of what I found:


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  1. oh awesome! these are so clever. Oregon is pretty good about recycling, and reusing :)


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