Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Look: Two Faced [Part II]

And here is Two Faced Part II... a night walker.

I enjoy my evenings with a good glass of wine [or whiskey, whichever is closest to me] along with a very good cigar.  Yeah, I live in the U.S. so the chances of me really smoking a REALLY good Cuban cigar is so out of the question.  Nonetheless, Rich's Smoke Shop in Portland do carry some rad Dominican cigars that are oh so tasty.  In my mind, I lie to myself and trick my brain to think that it is in fact: Cuban.

Occasionally, a very rare occasion, will you see me handle a cigarette.  I Hate cigs... despise the taste of it and knowing the fact that I am breathing in rat poison makes me hate it even more.  But for the sake of this shoot.. I'll take a puff or two.




Nothing like chasing down a glass of Knob Creek 
with a bottle of Izzy soda.

My mysterious photographer whom I totally love and adore... you shall remain faceless so that your art work will not be affected.

I love my jewels... when I am Thailand I tend to stock up in them.  And why not, they're cheap and high in quality.  The ring in the middle is a De Beers design of champagne diamonds with two-toned metal of white and yellow gold.  My all time fave. ring.

The Look....

ASOS denim vest
Reverse cutout dress from Urban Outfitters
Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane, Karmaloop [the only place that carries the black]

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