Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Know: Duct Tape Fashion

Duct tape.  Who would have thought something like duct tape would be the next new trend in fashion?  Originally, it was designed to keep moisture out of artillery castings during the war.  Its original color was olive drab.  Then, mechanics started to use the tape to fix cars and so begins the dull silver we know of today.  Now, when you walked into a Home Depot you can find duct tape in all colors of the rainbow.  Why, even Urban Outfitters sell duct tape.

Source: The New York Times (Copyrighted 2012)
Recently, Iowa State University held a fashion show of apparel made from duct tape.  Of course, most of us may have seen the duct tape wallet and woven hand bags.  Read the full article in The New York Times.

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